4 Reasons Why Scalable Web Application Is Ideal For The Growth Of Your Business

Akhilesh Sharma
Akhilesh Sharma, President and CEO at A3Logics
Published on Sep 09, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
4 Reasons Why Scalable Web Application Is Ideal For The Growth Of Your Business

Web applications have stormed the internet in the last few years, especially after mass consumption of the internet increased due to better data speeds and connectivity. In today’s day and age, internet based connectivity is the core of all enterprise systems.

This gave rise to the use of web applications, which gives a focused experience towards specifics tasks, eliminating the clutter and lag of general internet. However, scalability is somewhat an area to be worked on, and if scalable web applications are developed, it could do wonders for your business growth. Here’s how:

Higher Efficiency

A web application reduces the requirement of human effort in the specific purposes it was designed for. Take stock maintenance, for instance. With traditional methods, several excel sheets need to be maintained and updated regularly. Also, a lot of paperwork is required to be maintained separately. By creating a scalable web application for maintaining stock records, a significant amount of time and human effort can be saved.

Inserting data in the application via barcode scanning, and thus storing all the required docs in one place also. This also eliminates the risk of human error, thus preventing the chances of erroneous losses. This saved time, human effort, and money can be invested in more productive things like training and skill development of staff, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Formidable Cyber Security

Cyber security is an important aspect of any successful organization, especially for financial institutions, and software intensive companies. Though the erstwhile desktop based anti-hacking software was capable in the past, that was a long time ago. Hackers have become much more equipped and can hack traditional systems more efficiently than before.

To tackle this, web applications based protective software is apt. Even if a virus deletes data on a particular, it can be recovered remotely, as the web application saves it on a URL. Also, even the stolen data can be remotely deleted from the device, protecting the sanctity on the project.

Scalability Reduces Cost

Conventional software needs to be installed on every user device, and setting it up can be extremely tricky. Therefore, for every new device, the SaaS providers are needed to get involved until the initial setup, which significantly increases the time and money spent on each device. This makes scalability extremely difficult and resources hungry.

However, unlike desktop based software, web applications don’t require you to contact the developers to install or set-up the application on new devices, as they are easily accessible through the internet itself. This allows organizations to increase the number of devices using the software in a fraction of the time consumed for conventional solutions.

24×7 Accessibility And Customer Interaction

The best thing about the internet revolution is that it has opened the door for organizations to approach customers from all over the world. An accounts management company sitting in Mumbai or Gurugram can manage business transactions of an insurance company from New York or London.

To support global customers 24×7 connectivity is apt, due to the difference in time zones. Web Applications allow this, as they don’t require remote setups to serve the clients. All you need is to download the application, fill your credentials, and start using it. This way, an organization can engage in customer interaction outside office boundaries and timings as well.

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