4 doubts you should clarify before approaching app development firms with your idea

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Feb 14, 2018 in App Development
4 doubts you should clarify before approaching app development firms with your idea

Do you have a terrific app idea? Looking forward to pitch your idea to app development experts?

Good decision but did you ever give a second thought before rushing into it without verifying on your end?

If you haven’t, think it over. There are many doubts that clients bring forward while approaching our app development experts in Singapore. We have listed some of them below so that the final product meets all your requirements.


Approaching an app development company to pitch your idea while not being aware of its purpose means wastage of money. Experts can’t help unless or until you’re clear with the action you want your app to perform.

Hence, it’s recommended that before you make the first move and discuss the idea, ask yourself a simple question: Why do I want to create this app? If you’ve a justified answer for it, proceed further without any hesitations.


Being aware of the purpose of your app idea ain’t enough for creating a great app. You also have to ensure that it is attainable or else your time and energy while creating an app will go to waste.

Do some research beforehand to check if your idea is feasible or not. This certainly pays off later on when the end result meets your expectations.


Next thing that you need to be clear about before making any advancement with your project is the audience you’re planning to target. This is very important because on the basis of it, your app’s design and features will be decided.

So, take some time and analyze the market to avoid targeting the wrong audience. Choose wisely what best suits your app.


Another concern that we have encountered majority of the times is the budget. Sometimes, the client expectations are high in comparison to their budget. So, while trying to make adjustments here, some important aspects of the app remain untouched. As a result, your app doesn’t turn out the way you had imagined. To avoid this, we recommend that you decide your budget in advance and prevent yourself from further confusion.

After clarifying these doubts, the result will be:

  • Your requirements will be in sync with the mobile app development company’s plans on how to implement ideas and proceed further effectively.
  • No wastage of time and money.
  • The app development company will have a clear idea of what to create.

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