3 Incredible Artificial Intelligence Implementation Ideas for Mobile Applications

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Aug 13, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources
3 Incredible Artificial Intelligence Implementation Ideas for Mobile Applications

Who isn't aware of the popularity and strength of AI Technology today?

There is not a single instance when you can't hear about this technology, especially its integration in the latest systems and applications entering into the market. From devices like Alexa to robots that can accomplish various unanticipated tasks and almost everywhere.

The magic it is creating boosts its popularity. Therefore, it is gaining too much attention and love from tech geeks, businesses and users as well.

This technology is something one can't just keep it aside, especially when one is striving to make a huge impact in the market through technology. Well! Do you want to do something incredible in the field of technology? or Do you want to create something revolutionary that can take up mankind toward a new future? Well! AI is probably a helping hand that you might be groping every year.

For everybody, it is very surprising today that how this technology is allowing the creation of some unforeseen systems. And! owing to this, it is known by billions of people and has become a major interest, about which everyone wants to know!

This is why a number of mobile application development companies are unchaining different aspects that can uplift its usages and employ it in different ways. The companies have come up with new systems only just because of this technology, therefore they are looking forward to integrating this technology into mobile apps.

Why Do Companies Want To Utilize AI Technology?

Can you think about the consequences of integrating artificial intelligence in the mobile app?

Actually, AI integration will enable applications to be smarter. Altogether, the phones will become more capable of performing advanced functions such as barcode recognition, text recognition, landmark recognition, and image labeling.

These capabilities will boost the mobile app interaction and surely, it is possible that most of the tasks will get reduced such typing and more. Though, how the companies exploit its capabilities, it is a matter of time. However, here are some ways in which AI integration can help miraculously.

#1. To Improve Searches For Mobile App Users

Do know that AI has a big role in web search results and every other aspect related to searches over the internet? The evolution of search algorithms is the major area where this technology is bringing changes. Though, the question is how this can work in mobile apps for the same?

The fact is that this technology can make searches easier and less troublesome for mobile users. It can infuse more intuitiveness and personalization by inducing certain functions such as spelling corrections, performing suggestions, and voice search integration. Succinctly, integrating artificial intelligence to the mobile application can redefine the whole stance of search processes for mobile users. Several mobile app development companies are striding already over this path and surely, soon we will see the results.

#2. To Infuse Intelligent Digital Assistance

Ample of users feel irritated while typing messages and emails, especially when it comes to writing long sentences. Do you like typing? Well! the fact is a majority of people hate typing. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to integrate a digital intelligence in the mobile apps that can make this extremely easy and fun for people.

This advanced AI-based digital assistant is outstandingly impressive, as users just need to speak the message they want to type and the assistance make it happen for them. It means your mobile will type your messages on your verbal commands. Pretty impressive!

Another digital assistance that it can offer- customers don't need to call or wait for hours in order to get their query resolved in the need of customer service, as the digital assistant can offer a quick response to the customers. More importantly, the overall customer services process can be revamped by just transferring control to the AI controller. It can bestow customer with huge support, as they can access the required information, without having any person to actually work on their need. The perfect example of this type of assistance is Chatbot that is now being used in many ways by businesses and people.

#3. To Mitigate Cybercrimes And Speed Up Data Processing

Lately, the IT industry has experienced several types of data and security breaches. Every passing minute, mankind is getting more exposed to cybercrimes. Therefore, safety and security are two major streams that need to be managed precisely in every app creation. Being a threatening aspect, cybercrimes are indicating the demand for more security provisions. That's why it has become a major priority for app developers. AI is the wolf that can eat up all the security issues and can enable the creation of a highly-secured application for users to cherish.

It enables the fusion of different kind of authentication processes like biometric authentication, face recognition and more, that make mobile apps more secure and faster. Altogether, this technology can be conjoined with several other types of authentication and identification processes.

Another application can be gauged as higher data utilization, as AI always requires plenty of data to learn from it and function. Everywhere, its potential can be completely used only if its' power to analyze and process data get employed precisely. Consequently, it enables to predict current and future trends, behavior and response of users and much more.

Owing to all of these capabilities, this is utmost technology in IT sector. So, wouldn't you want to create your app with artificial intelligence?

The fact is there is no limit for its utilization, and if you have something intense and outstanding in your mind, conjoined it with AI. You would be surprised after seeing the outcome. Presently, developers at almost every innovative mobile app company like Techugo, are taking technology leaps, and looking forward to bring remarkable app ideas into physical word for the use of tech-savvy mankind. So, stay tuned with us and see how technology turning up the shades from the future.

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