2018 IT Landscape in Terms of SaaS: Mobile-Friendly, Cutting-Edge, and Case-Specific

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Published on Jun 19, 2018 in App Development
2018 IT Landscape in Terms of SaaS: Mobile-Friendly, Cutting-Edge, and Case-Specific

IT solutions and ideas are supposed to alter in alignment with the times and the users’ expectations and so they do. SaaS concept has been among the hottest trends for the last couple of years and retains popularity, adapting to new needs and innovations. As a team professionally engaged in developing web and mobile apps, Umbrella has already explored SaaS apps both as users and as developers. This post presents the team’s view on the current trends in SaaS and other cloud-based services and their influence upon apps development.

Cloud computing has got a lot of play. XaaS (Anything as a Service) solutions are intended to facilitate our private and professional activities and they appear to cope perfectly with the task.

A good confirmation thereof is a stable growth in a number of SaaS apps developed by Umbrella for their clients recently. The projects vary as to the scope of ready solutions used vs. tailored features. But the general increasing tendency is clearly in evidence.

On the other hand, Umbrella developers also belong to the ranks of the devoted SaaS users as they apply, and successfully, Slack and Github to set up effectively their development and communication processes.

Further follows the existing trends that Umbrella suggests to consider, whether you decide to choose any ready SaaS product or to have any SaaS app developed for further usage by your employees and customers.

Under “Mobile First” Slogan

The present-day user is accustomed to simple and easy solutions and choose to have favorite products on their smartphones (or even smartwatch) in order to get faster access. Users prefer to stay always at a distance of one click/notification/sms from their service providers. This is a general direction to be bound for and SaaS is no exclusion.

Based on Umbrella’s experience with the successfully completed projects they would say that SaaS solutions perfectly suit the companies that intend to stay connected with their remote or traveling customers or employees.

Providing information, rendering services, distributing tasks, tracking, reporting, analysis, comparison, invoicing, counters of any kind - set of features depends on the nature of the job. Various projects focus on various details. But the common approach lies in turning to mobile apps as the naturally emerging extension for web platforms.

2018 IT Landscape in Terms of SaaS: Mobile-Friendly, Cutting-Edge, and Case-Specific

One of the projects Umbrella developed for their client, International Driving Authority,serves as a good example. Having paid a subscription fee and based on the valid driver license a user gets an international driver license that is translated into 29 languages. The digital copy will also be available on the mobile app for checking the validity or any info even in offline mode. An ideal mobile solution for the drivers traveling multilingual destinations.

Please, Meet Machine Learning and More

We are all lucky to witness the days when numerous emerging technologies are learning to interact with each other. These are the times of great possibilities and chances not to be missed. Any steps on the way to new combinations and fusions may seem to be risky and promising at the same time. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Umbrella took part in developing an AI-powered project. The idea was to use the machine learning algorithms to manage the marketing campaigns of the customers in order to facilitate increasing the conversion and out-marketing the competitors. A good concept to be implemented and inspiring challenge for the developers. We developed a complex task tracker that was an additional reason to be satisfied with this well-done job.

The emerging tech may be used both:

  • To improve and automate your own business processes and services, or
  • To offer your customers algorithms for improving and automating theirs.

Anyway, the good is growing better when combined with another good in a reasonable way.

2018 IT Landscape in Terms of SaaS: Mobile-Friendly, Cutting-Edge, and Case-Specific

Optimove is the SaaS software product that leverages AI to build the intelligent relationships resulting in improving the conversion rate, engagement, customer retention. According to the company, the marketers will get 25% lift after integrating two lifecycle tools into one CRM.

Everything as a Service

Nowadays we got used to a variety of things offered as a service. The customer does not need to worry about organizational issues but only decide for the scope of services and the corresponding subscription plan. The actual implementation belongs to the area of the responsibility of the provider. Easy, convenient, efficient for all parties involved.

2018 IT Landscape in Terms of SaaS: Mobile-Friendly, Cutting-Edge, and Case-Specific

BOOK By Cadillac - car subscription service with multiple possibilities may serve as a representative example of EaaS. The subscriber is offered an opportunity to have one Cadillac in possession at any time and enjoy riding without any concerns about insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc.

In every specific case, you have an opportunity to choose any of the variants to offer your customers. The main idea is that your product shall meet exactly the needs of your target audience and provide the undeniable quality and safety. That is the destination point for Umbrella developers team in every project irrespective of the scope you choose:

  • this can be more narrow and specific BaaS (Backend as a Service) or MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service), or
  • you may decide between classic IaaS, PaaS or SaaS models. Read here to learn more.

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