2018 is all packed with VR apps

by Fluper on Jan 09, 2018 / App Development
2018 is all packed with VR apps

The New Year is around the corner and VR applications are the next gadget trend that will make the next year headlines on the technology page. The long awaited and most talked about virtual reality implementation can be experienced by the common people through the gadgets like Google Daydream and Sony VR box.

Mobile app development companies have worked hard to make the user experience with the applications for Virtual Reality 3D experience out of the world. The learning experience of facts and general knowledge can be excellent using Virtual Reality applications because you never forget what you see. Moving on the virtual street and exploring the city can enhance the knowledge of an individual in a much precise way.

Let’s check out some of the Virtual Reality applications:

YouTube VR

YouTube VR app is the most accessed everywhere and is used as a platform to showcase talent, help to learn and aware the masses. Type anything and YouTube has a video for you so the 360-degree experience of YouTube will drive customers crazy, the video quality will provide the next level user experience.

Google Arts and Culture VR

The tour to any art gallery through Google Arts and Culture VR application can be an explicit user experience with the pointer to explore the picture frame edge by edge and object by object. It can be coined as a virtual exhibition.

Keep talking and nobody explodes

This is a bomb disposal game where the instructions are to be ready to get rid of the bomb to save lives and come out a hero but that sounds easy then, what is the catch?

In Keep talking and nobody explodes there are two people, one gets the instruction through headphones and the other player has to understand the correct instructions to dispose of the bomb.


Claro is a puzzle application to sit back and play with the light mind. Get that puzzle cracking by rotating the platform, arranging the blocks and passing the light beams through the correct opening.

Wonder glade

Wonder glade application involves tilting the controller to experience the slide over the path traced with purple tracks. The ride on the track is not easy as the flying rocks come your way and on the way, there are mini-games to be played to move forward in the race.

Daydream Blue

This is another mini-game application where all the games are present in its miniature form. All the games in Daydream Blue have different numbers of players so it’s a multiplayer application.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Fantastic beasts and where to find them application is an interactive app which is actually a prequel of Harry Potter where one can play the wizard and solve different mysteries by solving the clues on the way more like a treasure hunt but with known characters and of course the Virtual Reality experience alongside. If you remember the Snap spell from the Potter series, you can even cast those spells in the game.

VR spinner

VR spinner application is more of a chilling out the app to get into like Candy Crush. Just rotate the spinner in all different ways and it will have the light effects and the player can collect points to go to the next level. In Virtual Reality box, the spinner doesn’t spin the same way it does in front of the naked eyes.


Expeditions is listed under the educational app for the students but all age group people can get educated and experience facts about destination without physically being present at the location. Everything is in 3D, the buildings, octopus and at the bottom the information for the same is available.

Star Chart VR

The planetarium is the first place where a science lover visits and decides to learn science and jump planet to planet. Star Chart VR application gives an ultimate planetarium experience to fall in love with space. The space scientist actually represents the phrase of being on the 9th cloud, it will get you beyond the cloud experience with a Virtual Reality box.

Discovery VR

Discovery VR application is probably the best so far. The experience of going underwater and experiencing totally a new vegetation and life of sea creatures is wonderful and if you discover a pearl it will be the best dive of your life. Now this application is a Discovery Channel original and has the videos from the real-time experience and kicks you into dangerous places and you resist even when you know you have a virtual box in front of your eyes. The discovery will have way more interesting stuff after the upgrading of the application.

Cardboard Camera

The VR applications have covered the way you click the pictures, the Cardboard Camera application takes 360-degree pictures.

Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR is another gaming application for Virtual Reality. It’s a zombie shooter application and if you look at the zombie it will shoot right away. This application was paid before but now it’s free due to the existing competition. The in-built purchasing is still there though.


Virtual Reality has kept everyone waiting and made claims to change the way we experience things around us today. They say the Virtual Reality can help visualize things better, for instance, the 2D pictures that we take now can give a live experience with Virtual Reality picture in 3D. The mobile application development companies will have to add VR as a feature to all the applications and figure out the way to do it because it’s going to be the need of the market.

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