12 Infallible tips to build a Web Portal

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Apr 20, 2018 in Web Developers Resources
12 Infallible tips to build a Web Portal

Enterprises every day depend more and more on technology, they are investing into a toolset that provides them with efficient solutions to refute their modern business challenges and they also invest on top enterprise app developers. Tools such as websites, mobile apps, and web portals are some of the tools that have been helping enterprises in enhancing their reach. By attracting more internet users, websites have been able to provide enterprises a virtual space in global markets where people can reach out and leverage their services and information.

A web portal is a website or service where an organization offers a wide plethora of services or information for its users: it acts as a gateway by which users can access services and information. A web portal provides services like emails, forums, internet search, eCommerce etc. In short, we can say that it’s systematic information provided on a resource which is customized as per an enterprise’s needs.

These are informative websites that are converging focused on providing information and services on certain topics which can be divided into various parts on basis of their functions, some of them are: Government portal, personal web portal, corporate web portal, commercial portal, cultural portal, tender portal, stock portal etc.

Good web portal development services help you trigger your sales by encouraging your users to find precise and required information under a singlehood. As sales are a primary focus of any enterprise, web portal development helps you achieve it faster and better.

eCommerce Web Portals or commercial portals allow users to secure their access by creating a secure password for enhancing a user’s experience, personalize listings, security, and privacy. Thus, each type of web portal has its own requirements, but there are still many features to come that are a must-have on each web portal.

Thus, here we are presenting 12 tips that will help you develop efficient web portals.

Need of development

Discovering your needs of web portal development helps you list out the must-have features that you want in your web portal, plus the amount of money you are hoping to earn from this particular investment and what solutions and services you wish to provide.

Area of Focus

Finding an area of interest helps you focus specifically on features that will be able to rectify those problems.

Market Study

Market Study is important, it helps you strategize better by letting you know about your competition and trends. Also, you will be able to find out the profitability in that segment. Finding the profitability of a segment requires a close analysis of needs, demographics, communication reach, age and many other features.

Product Marketing

It is about determining the way your products and services are going to be presented to the public, the way your web portal is visualized, and navigation on your web portal.

Action Plans

Having a clear action plan help you investigate into finances, staff requirements, and revenue that needs to be generated. It gives you a picture of your operational management and the way it needs to be carried out.

Portal Development

Task management is important and it is recommended that you line out the whole drafting process of the web portal for efficiently managing the development process. With this, you will be able to make a time plan for developing a web portal, features and finances and web developers that must be employed for the task.

Technology and finances

For any development, technology is the most important aspect, and according to your requirements you should choose a low cost and open-source technology. It is important that you avoid something unnecessary and costly, as this money will help you further in the post-development process. It is also important that you hire web developers that are efficient and provide good web portal development services at competitive prices.

Front and Backend Technology

One of the most important aspects of development is frontend and backend development, you decide between technologies depending on which will be able to give you the best web portal development services.

Development Phase

It includes page designing, product catalogs, trademark, policies, logos, layouts and many other things. Here, developers and designers cohesively work to give a highly functional web portal that caters you all need. Also, designing helps you visualize your product better and help you develop the web portals efficiently.

Beta Phase

After thoroughly testing the product, different pages are integrated and checked on the bases of the server, reachability, encryption, mapping, navigation, bugs, browser functionality, privacy setting and many more functions. And the first impression of your product is launched in the market which is also known as a beta version of your web portal. In this phase, several add-ons and optimizations are done to give away great user experiences. Reviews are considered from users and problems are resolved.

The time before launch

In the first few months after the launch of the beta version, optimizations and bug-free interfaces are created and other problems are resolved. Analyzing of web portal feature fallouts are seen and worked upon. Several companies determine strategies and build robust solutions to launch their product efficiently in the market, marketing companies and executives are hired to give a successful kick to their products.

Finally, the launch

After the redesigning phase, the complete product is launched into the market. Highly functional web portals are launched in the market and handed over to the operations management team that looks after your product for further maintenance and other upgrades.


These tips will help you in systemizing your web portal development to cater a good crowd to your website. Also, they help you in constructing flawless web portals. You can also seek help from top web developers that provide you with further information on technologies and trends. By following this tips, you will be able to get the most out of your web portal development services, lavish great transparency in your workflow and lend business benefits.

Given the current web scenario, there are amazing possibilities waiting for every business sector.

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