11 effective tips to remodel your Magento e-commerce


With time, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to promote products and services online. Whether you are selling massive physical goods from a Magento store, or marketing affiliate links for products - it is imperative to find new web customers for advanced online sales.

However, running an effective online store requires a better understanding of the factors responsible to influence changing market trends, web customer behaviors, and the expectations of your current customers. You need serious digital marketing practices for effectively selling your products.

Though Magento is an extraordinary content management system for e-commerce solutions, you have to do the hard work for the progress of overall sales of your online stores. You will experience the built-in features and functions, which will help you to create a highly-interactive Magento web store with affluence.

For better results, trace some of the top practices for advanced conversions and improved sales. Once you have the knowledge of various factors, you can easily concentrate on improving the overall performance and user experience of your web store.

Know the compelling tips to boost your Magento web store sale and take your business to succeeding levels.


The annoying checkout process is the key reason for cart abandonment when it takes more than a minute to finish the transaction. According to a few studies, the abandonment rate of an average shopping cart is 74%, which can be managed easily if you provide the users with a secure, brief and intuitive checkout process.

If you want to improve your sale on your Magento e-commerce, then ensure that your customers don’t abandon the shopping carts during the checkout process. Reduce the time-consuming and complex checkout process using payment options, like PayPal. This will improve the user experience and will encourage the overall sales of a store.

Make sure your checkout page has only essential details like personal information, delivery options, accepting multiple payment options, with security badges to boost sales.

You can also enable the ‘Guest Checkout Option’, which is a good idea to bring the high-end flexibility into your Magento e-commerce.

As claimed in the Google IO 2017 summit the future of web payment is brighter, which is the new version of web payment that can extremely improve the process of online payments; it might prove to be an easy way to buy something with minimum clicks.


Pictures are the primary element of any e-commerce website. Use an optimum size of an image, it is necessary for a smooth outcome. Large images tend to impact the performance of a website, especially pages heavily loaded with images.

Use CDN to serve the images, which is a beneficial approach. CDN will allow loading of pictures from a secondary server and prevents unnecessary load on your server during the page loading.

Here are some tools you can use in your Magento e-commerce:

Cloudinary: This tool is an image manipulation that provides a feasible explanation for all image-related requests in the cloud.

JPEGmini: This tool is known to allow compression of the image size from 70-80% without compromising the quality.

Cloudfare: It is the top place to make websites, mobile apps and e-commerce stores in a safe and quicker way.


E-commerce development companies like Vipra work on Magento platforms and use Magento extensions that enable fast caching and easily reduce the page load time. Although you have multiple options, the major two are:

Turpentine: This tool is available free of cost and is based on Varnish.

Full Page Cache: This is a paid tool and contains a large number of premium features that can optimize the functionality of Magento store.


For the e-commerce world, product display is strength, but the catch here is if you should show all the products or only the products that are in the stock. Presenting the list of all the products is a valuable approach for SEO. But not listing them if they are not present in the currently available stock is better, so that users will receive less clatter in product search.

If a customer finds out a sold out message for a certain item, then it may leave a negative impact on their perception of your store. So, always put your customers on the top as the priority and make sure your actions must reflect the same.


A unique content without any errors will help increase the organic search traffic. Good content is responsible to drive traffic and they will favorably share your content within their friends and relatives.

A good content will benefit your business, but the poor usage of it can kill your credibility. Consequently, as a Magento e-commerce owner make sure you use a quality content that will elevate your business rather than putting it down.


It is a decent practice to assure that your Magento store stacks rapidly on every single mobile. With this, you will gain enormous movement from portable customers and site's ease of use will enhance too.

A perfect route is an additional preferred perspective particularly on the off chance that you have a responsive website design. A responsive plan is joined into the general structure of a web-based business store by settling other related issues.

There are few brilliant tips for a route that can make truly great outcomes, for example, a strong key menu with simple association with each segment and results of the site and breadcrumbs for simple route and landing.


The type of platform used to build a website is responsible for its performance. In case of Magento, the native installation has inbuilt useful features. Some of them might demand customizations, but a few of them are ready to use.

The efficient search mechanism in Magento allows a catalog searching that is fast and accurate by the integration of AJAX search algorithms. The better search results will give more sales in turn.


In the event that you need to offer items through your Magento store, it is mandatory to feature them in the individual languages and monetary forms. Magento makes it simple to convey a similar inventory for various monetary forms where you shouldn't construct another site for a particular area or nation.


As a website development company, you ought to consistently give your clients a sheltered, secure and easy way to use shopping understanding. You can do this by offering different online installment choices for creating better outcomes.

Rather than offering one installment alternative, you can give Paypal, and charge card alongside numerous different choices to make it helpful for your web clients. Each country has a particular checkout and installment alternatives, so on the off chance that you need to offer all around, you have to offer various installment choices by making the utilization of the best Magento augmentation.


If you want to run your Magento e-commerce store smoothly, then it is important to clear your database log frequently. Many online vendors keep a large amount of database with irrelevant data which results in slow website loading.

Moreover, cleaning the database is not an easy task, but implementing it can certainly reduce the load time of a website.


It is not necessary that any visitor to your Magento store will purchase something at the same time. Customers want to select the particular item and explore more with an intention to purchase it later.

So, make sure you give them the required flexibility to save their favorite item list in the cart or wishlist that they can use later while purchasing.


Magento is undoubtedly an incredible e-commerce development platform and most of the companies providing e-commerce development services use it to create beautiful and highly-interactive online stores.

For higher conversions and increased sales, use the above-mentioned tips to make your Magento web store more accessible, user-friendly, and interactive. Your customers will shop at your store again and again, without any hesitation. These tips will help augment your Magento e-commerce store sales and revenues.

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