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Published on Jan 10, 2017 in App Development
Mobile app tips from Syon Infomedia

The scope and competition has gone fierce since the potential of this industry has outshined the others. Yes, this is none other than the mobile app development industry, which is growing at an exponential rate. People have introduced thousands of ways to utilize its benefits and it all starts with the main motive of earning some money. A mobile app needs a strong and friendly user interface that can earn likes from users from all over the world.

Many developers can build and design a mobile app but not all of them have the potential to create something that can give the mobile apps the breakthrough point they crave for. The mobile app development company Syon Infomedia is addressing you with some of the tips that would enable you to deliver the most promising cross-platform native apps.

Beautiful is a relative term

Due to the difference in the user interface across platforms, a cross-platform or a native app designed for both iOS and Android can give a very different feel. Although the features, functions and design of the mobile app remains the same, somehow the experience of the user differs due to the interface.

A mobile app is beautiful because the Operating System allows it to display itself in that way. Therefore, whenever you design an application, understand the functioning of your target platform, and then place your branding with certain parameters. Certainly, a mobile app acts differently across the platforms but with the help of Appcelerator, you use a single code base and attain a high probability of code reusability.

Code reuse

Appcelerator or other cross-platform tools enable mobile app development companies to reuse the codes using the same means since you will end up making the exact application for all the other platforms. Plus, with 100% reusability you will not be able to make many changes over your app's UI/UX. Most of the people think that using cross-platform tools is reusing all the codes again to develop an app for another platform, which is originally an approach for Web Browser.

Web services

In the process of developing a cross-platform app, your code need to be in an abstract format, like a Web service. The programming logic needs to be created independently for the screens and their specific platforms so that the programming modules are reusable across platforms. You can then create the native user interfaces, which will feed upon the local web services. With the help of this architecture, you can ensure that the user interface code is truly disengaged from the logic, and the two of them are flowing on their own.

Know about the tabs

Android tabs are not too deep, which is the reason why they should not have in-tab navigation. iOS tabs come with NavigationController, which has the ability to navigate at multiple levels with the tabs. As per the rule of thumb, navigation should not be forced inside the Android tabs as it will break the function of the back button and your app will lose its charm.

Learn about your target platforms

You should have a good knowledge of each platform's user interface guidelines, it will enable your mobile app development company and developers to do all the rights things. You must experience your targeted platforms in order to know all the similarities and differences.

You can go through iOS and Android guidelines. It will give you a path to a better user interface design and other relative processes like third-party integration.

Work with a design team

You must give time to your design team as they will help you learn more about the individual platforms, the visual language and their navigation paradigms. You will be able to subtle alterations that will result into a significant enhancement of usability.

For a programmer, there must be a graphic artist in the team to show mobile app developers how each platform is different in displaying information, implementing navigation, laying out screens, etc. With a difference in the platforms, it is obvious that your mobile app will look different across the platforms.

Learn from modules

The Appcelerator is designed to offer a class-apart, cross-platform API. It brings the Native Module Development Framework which covers the features that Java and Objective-C developers can take advantage of to expose extra functionality and features. The modules can multiply the quality of the mobile app and user experience. Mobile app developers need to learn how to find the modules, their usage and take the right advantage of them.

Focus equally on your target platforms

All the platforms you have chosen to work with have unique design, functions and features which you need to take advantage of. Developers need to give equal importance to all the platforms, no matter how much you love Android over iOS or viceversa. Do not criticize them, understand their advantages and disadvantages and build something remarkable.

Regular testing

As you need to keep a sharp eye on both cross platform and platform-specific codes and components, testing becomes a necessary process along the line. Don't simply test it on a single platform and directly run on the other and find yourself in a mess. Test the mobile app on a regular basis so that all the problems are fixed simultaneously.

Become your own user

A user helps you identify all the pros and cons available in the application. So, what can be better than being your own user and finding what can be bettered to improve the user experience?

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