10 Most Profitable Online Food Delivery App Ideas to Follow in 2019

Anuradha Badone
Anuradha Badone, Senior Technical Content Writer at CODIANT
Published on Feb 14, 2019 in App Development

The Food business rocks! The online food delivery app saga has mesmerized everyone with the concept of instant gratification. There are plenty of online food delivery app business models foraying in 2019 that’s sure to give you a delicious ride this year.

From online nutritional and organic food delivery to milk and daily needs service, here are 10 of the trends we are most excited to dig into this year.

1. Online Grocery Delivery

No doubt, online grocery delivery app may be an old idea but this niche is showing no signs of slowing down. Online grocery delivery apps promise users to deliver groceries within a matter of three hours from the nearest supermarket store. Grocery apps have simplified the conventional way grocery store owners opted to operate their stores by automating almost every option. So if you’re having a traditional grocery shop than this year you must take a resolution to take it online.

E.g. Instacart, Peapod, Amazon Prime, Grofers

2. Nutritional & Organic Food Delivery

This new trending app is making headlines between the circles of fitness enthusiasts, diet conscious people, and people under medication who need a healthy meal and are looking forward to a nutritional diet. In order to meet such type of demands, you can create an extensive catalog of nutritionally rich foods with staples of a number of calories, protein, vitamins, and potassium present in them and then give your customers the liberty to customize the meal delivery menu as per their choice.

E.g. Farmfreshtoyou, Farmboxdirect, Freshdirect

3. Online Corporate Food Delivery

Office or corporate food delivery is indeed a good food delivery segment that targets the people working in metro cities. By partnering local food joints, restaurants, bakery and beverage points you can plan of building an app that caters only office goers. Give oodles of options for categorizing the food type you offer. Whether it is breakfast, team lunches, meetings, celebrations, daily meals or dinner pack make your app available and open for every type of food delivery needs in the offices and corporate workspaces.

E.g. Caviar, Munchery, EatClub, Zesty

4. Online Restaurant Food Delivery

The online restaurant food delivery app needs no introduction. From eating out to ordering in; extremely popular apps like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, Foodpanda have potentially transformed the way customers looked up to the food order. The race is not over. Restaurants are coming up with their own unique selling points to battle in the online food delivery market.

E.g. UberEats, Postmates, Zomato, Grubhub

5. Milk and Daily Needs Delivery Service

Egg, milk, bread, curd, paneer, buttermilk, and many more daily essentials are needed every morning. Eyeing the hyperlocal milk-egg-bread delivery segment and delivering these daily consumptions staples at extremely competitive rates right at the customers’ doorsteps can prove to be a lucrative idea.

E.g. Suprdaily, Milkbasket, DailyNinja, MorningCart

6. Fresh Fruits, Salad and Sprouts delivery

Enable your customers to choose from a wide variety of cut fruits, nut fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. The appeal of getting these healthier and affordable food option delivered at the doorstep is resonating across the countries at a rapid pace. Especially categories like organic veggies and fruits, fresh juices have continued to experience strong sales momentum.

E.g. Bigbasket, FreshDirect, Grubhub

7. Recipe and Ingredient home delivery service

Expand your limited repertoire of delivering home cooked meals and start delivering fresh produce and sustainable meal kit with perfect recipes and step-by-step instructions. Nowadays, people are more interested in buying farm-fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious and hygienic recipe at home which gives them full liberty to prepare food when they actually need and as per their taste.

E.g. BlueApron, Gousto, Innerchef

8. Online Event Catering Service

Being a full-service caterer for online food catering services such as events, weddings at an affordable price and fresh menu ideas and specialty cuisines can be a big go-to for offering premium online food solutions. It welcomes customers with small-to-big budgets and enables you to spread the word with your own service branding in the whole event.

E.g. HappyCatering, Caterninja, TimeToCater

9. Online Night Food Delivery

All-night food deliveries are incessantly becoming a rage in the online fast-food delivery marketplace. The all-night delivery business dynamics is making a good economic sense when it comes to convenience and simplicity. So, why not fuel your earnings in this incredibly competitive environment and carve up your business with a unique selling point. Deliver all night when dinners are the most indulgence meal.

E.g. Latenight, Nightfood

10. Bakery Items Delivery

Ride the food delivery trend that makes people most happy. Bakeries create the most amazing fudges, truffles, toffees, cakes, pastries, and hot chocolates. Delivering them the same day or next day with thoughtful packaging can pick the interest of customers at once.

E.g. BakinGo, Freshdirect, Grubhub

If you’re looking to expand your options outside of a conventional online food delivery model, these ideas can surely give you a good flight in this intensely competitive market.

So, why wait? Just knock the doors of one of the best online food ordering app development companies which can help you out with a bevy of features to make your app fortified enough to battle this marketplace with a scrumptious user interface and you’re good to go.

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