10 Android App Development services for Saving Mother Earth

Akansha Pandey
Published on Apr 23, 2018 in Android Developers Resources
10 Android App Development services for Saving Mother Earth

Google loves creating Doodles and making them interesting and informative. Doodles are usually based on certain facts and last 26th of March, there was one designed on The Chipko Movement. Reading the history of said movement got me thinking: 363 people sacrificed their lives to save certain species of trees while some of us only focus on spending thousands of dollars in mobile application development.

Can apps help the environment? There have been few environmentalists who paid attention to this very fact and had mobile app development companies design apps that could actually help Mother Earth.

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If you carefully scan the Google Play store, you will be surprised to see apps designed for many weird ideas. Developing apps for nature or the environment cannot be strictly categorized as ‘Weird', but it is not a topic that customers would normally expect an app to support. However, if we give it some serious consideration, we can definitely see the logic behind environmental forecasts apps. They are important, even more than FoodPanda or Myntra, since there is a worldwide alteration in weather patterns.

Top android application development companies, thereby, think it is time to design apps that raise awareness among users. There is still time to save Earth before it gets too late.

This pos groups together ten Android apps to spread general awareness on the current issues that are worrying environmentalists worldwide.

Environment Sensor

You need a lot of information related to the world around you so as to promote general well-being among the world residents. Environment Sensor helps transform data through Bluetooth technology in order to visualize environmental information. This app pushes notifications on possible weather changes and supports environmental management.

Environment News

Rated with a 4.5 rating in the Google Play store, this particular app keeps users up to date with the latest updates on environmental news in the form of a digital newspaper and magazine. The news can also be translated into any local dialect. The latest news feed is sourced from top-notch news channels and magazines. Raise your general awareness on possible environmental issues with this particular app.

Skeptical Science

Available for both Android as well as iOS users, Skeptical Science is the perfect app to search for expert answers on current environmental topics. Search for the authenticity and credibility of any scientific topic on the discussion forum. Users can learn more about the different global issues, environmental crisis and nature's flaws courtesy of human selfishness.

Earth Now

Yet another app designed for both Android and iOS users, free of any installation charges. Spearheaded by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Earth Now is a NASA application that allows users to visualize the latest climate data displayed in Google's Earth-like 3D globe enhanced by time-lapse animations. Data pertaining to Air Temperature, CO2, sea-level variance etc, are provided here.

Carma Carpooling

Traffic emissions are one of the major contributors in the increase of greenhouse gas and global warming. Therefore, this an app that is designed specifically to cut off excessive emissions of harmful gases through ride-sharing and the reduction of excessive road traffic. The user can seek out nearby riders so as to share the commute. This particular app can be used only in specific regions in the USA.

10 Android App Development services for Saving Mother Earth


It is designed for both Android and iOS platforms. This particular app offers suggestions to conserve water by connecting you to the nearest water utility company via your smartphone. Customized drought and water budget are notified as notifications are pushed into the user’s phone along with information on water leaks. The app tracks your current water consumption and sets a reasonable water budget to conserve water. Save water with Dropcountr.


Spread social responsibility and sustainability via newsfeed, participate in environmentally-friendly activities as well as posts on eco-friendly tips and products, in order to save energy, conserve water and cut-down unnecessary impact on the environment with the help of your smartphone.

Commute Greener

Volvo designed a carbon footprint-tracking tool embedded into this particular app identifies the volume of greenhouse gas emissions even if you are riding a bicycle instead of a vehicle. The app defines targets to reduce air pollution when you own a vehicle. Also, your milestones are compared to the others using the same app. It is time to become socially responsible.

Air Quality

If you are looking for real-time information, forecast on air pollution as well as weather data in your city, and you want to compare it with over 10,000 other cities around the world, Air Quality is the app for you. Such an app doesn’t any promotion or advertising to reach out to the ultimate users. Any environmentally-conscious user can use this app to identify the air pollution level in their city so as to resort to safety measures. Expert health recommendations are fed into the app for guidance. The android app developer for Air Quality fulfilled their responsibility towards Mother Earth. It is now your turn!

Plume Air Report

Rated with a 4.4 rating in the Google Play store, Plume Air Report is one of the best apps designed for raising environmental issues among people. The app updates users on the quality of the air as well as accurate forecasts on the same for different cities around the world. Air pollution is seriously damaging to health. Planning your outdoor activities require proper research on the pollution level in the air that we breathe. It also forecasts the quality of the air for the upcoming 24 hours and recommends the best time to conduct physical activities without getting exposed to harmful gases in the air.

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Wrapping up

Tuning into our television, we hear news raising questions against a social stigma, a debate on the political crisis or highlighting the rising environmental crisis. So, when are we going to become responsible? You and I are probably not worrying about these issues. Still, there are responsible and dedicated mobile developers who are spreading awareness worldwide through their apps.

Now, it is your time.

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