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App Developers Blog

This is the AppFutura blog! Here you will find articles about the mobile app development world and content created by top mobile app development companies. This blog also shows interesting information for our app developers community and for all visitors that want to develop an app.

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Any amateur mobile app development company usually encounters this confusion and that is to make the wise selection for the mobile application’s operating system (OS). Targeting the appropriate OS can be quite a laborious task. But both the Android and iOS operating system have their share of pros and cons. Still, Apple continues to steal the show either from the mobile app developers’ point of view or from the users’ end on the applications developed.

Importance of mobile app design for maximum growth
App DevelopmentImportance of mobile app design for maximum growth
by Prismetric on Oct 12, 2017

Mobile apps are gaining popularity among businesses, irrespective of their size or industry of operation. While previously businesses preferred having a mobile optimized website, these days the trend has shifted towards getting their own mobile apps. And not without benefits, various studies sh...

Tips to minimize the app release cycle
App DevelopmentTips to minimize the app release cycle
by Algoworks on Oct 06, 2017

There are countless discussions across the internet around how minimizing the app release cycle could be advantageous for app development companies. Some noteworthy reasons to answer the question: Why should app developers minimize the app release cycles? are as follow:

Why spending money on in-app purchases is a good idea
Mobile App MarketingWhy spending money on in-app purchases is a good idea
by Synergo Group on Oct 03, 2017

Smartphones and tablets come preloaded with a basic set of apps that are installed by the manufacturer or device provider. When we take ownership of the device, we customise the phone or tablet by installing apps that we use most often. This could be anything from a sound analyser to a jogging ...