Augmented reality App Developers in Canada

Augmented reality App Developers in Canada


Here you can find the best Augmented reality app developers for hire in Canada. If you are a Augmented reality app developer located in Canada, you can create your customized professional app developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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  • Hyperbop Inc.
    Hyperbop Inc.
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    (Build Augmented reality apps in Canada)

  • Brossard Design
    Brossard Design
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    Brossard Design is first and foremost a software engineering development firm. Our Mission is Simple: Challenge Assumptions, Disrupt the Status Quo and Build Things which change the world. Our vision is to create an unprecedented development hub for the greatest software ideas and innovations in the world. We build our brand upon 3 Brand promises: - Incredible Execution - Fanatical Customer Support - Market Knowledge and Expertise. (Create Augmented reality apps in Canada)

About Canada

Mobile data of Canada

Many brand campaigns have invested in mobile as their primary focus within the last few years. A study by eMarketer showed how Canada’s mobile economy and smartphone penetration exceeds 60% of the population. Only TV has a higher rate of consumption than mobile devices. Canadians spend more time on their mobile devices, with numbers going up to 2 hours every day.

Mobile apps are used by more than 80% of the Canadian citizens and are a great way to track user behavior. If you want to launch your app in Canada, keep in mind that Android is the second OS in the country, and iOS is the first one. Apple is the leading vendor with almost 50% of the market share, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei get the rest of the sales of mobile devices in Canada.

App developers in Canada

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