My Top Favorites
My Top Favorites

My Top Favorites

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My Top Favorites app development description

Do you want to share top lists of what you like with your friends or your lover?

That's what My Top Favorites are for, and that's easy!

Now you can create, sort and share with them! You can also let them add items to your shared list of favorites and create a common list.

You are also free to share it with the rest of the world, keep it secret! Your followers and your friends will get notifications each time you add a new item to your shared list!

Some examples?
- The best moment I had with my lover!
- My good plans to go out and party!
- My Top 10 best restaurants in town
- The best places I've ever visited (or I would like to)
- Our best pictures together!
- My top favorites: makeup !

Now it's up to you, just list and share!

From: Jaipur, India
Category: Entertainment
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