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MoboTour app development description

MoboTour is a Next Generation Verification and Security System.
MoboTour has set itself ahead of its competition and saves its customers money by eliminating hardware from the guard touring system. MoboTour has no wands, pens, buttons, magnets, base stations, chargers or software.
MoboTour’s mission is to be the most innovative, simplest and reliable verification and touring system on the market.
MoboTour uses a mobile app, RFID or QR codes and a cloud-based portal to provide real-time accountability to security and patrol services.

MoboTour provides value to a variety of organizations; primarily to organizations that require security or patrol services. Specifically where businesses are hired to patrol and monitor perimeters or physical facilities. MoboTour provides the hiring business the ability to verify that the patrol unit or guard service is actually performing the patrol (what they are being paid to do). This is done via a mobile app, QR codes, and a cloud-based portal to view

From: Jaipur, India
Category: Utility
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