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In this app, the natural numbers are represented as vegetables (plants):

The general operation is similar to that of plants:
Seeds fall from the sky
They should be planted. And then grow the plant corresponding to the seed (and the number chosen).
When the time comes to harvest dandelions, the plant is plucked from the ground.
Then the seeds that it has generated are released.
And the seeds return to heaven.

The particular operation is similar to that of the numbers:
If two unseeded seeds overlap, they add up.
If two seeds are planted, the plants multiply.

The plants are structured in branches, forking in function of the prime numbers that compose the factorization of the number.

Plants multiplied underground, often have a structure different from plants planted in a single blow.
(Multiplied plants do not have the usual order of a well-made factorization)
Each plant generates as many little dandelions as th

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