JJ Kane Customer Portal
JJ Kane Customer Portal

JJ Kane Customer Portal


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Customer Portal is the application used by the end users of J.J. Kane to view the details on the upcoming auctions. It can be used to view the various categories of vehicles such as active, purchased, sold, etc. It can also be used to register a vehicle preference with multiple properties. Users will be notified when such a preference exists in the list of vehicles to be auctioned. It is also used to view the various payment and seller reports. Some of the core modules are listed below:
1. Generic Inventory Search
This module will help the users to search for all the generic vehicles whose status is Active and are ready to be auctioned in the coming auctions.
2. Auction Listing
This page is responsible for displaying the upcoming auctions and its details in Calendar format, List format and Map format.
3. Personalized Inventories
The primary purpose of this interface is to show all the inventories related to the user and whose status can be anything like Pending, Pulled, Sold. etc

Type: Full app developer
Category: Utility
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JJ Kane Customer PortalJJ Kane Customer PortalJJ Kane Customer PortalJJ Kane Customer Portal

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