Hitch-A-Ride - Rideshare with Friends!
Hitch-A-Ride - Rideshare with Friends!

Hitch-A-Ride - Rideshare with Friends!

by Signity Solutions Private Limited app developer


Hitch-A-Ride - Rideshare with Friends! app development description

Hitch-A-Ride is a realtime ridesharing platform which enables people to connect and travel together. It uses Facebook to connect with Friends, or Friends-of-Friends to either Hitch or Drive within your area.

No more getting in a car with strangers, and no legal grey areas. Hitch-A-Ride focuses and making real social connections, reducing transport costs and saving the environment.
• Save time and money – no more taxi drivers taking the longest route to stretch out the fare or wasting time on public transport
• Drivers can earn extra money on a route they’d be taking anyway or even turn Hitch-A-Ride trips into a part time second job
• Terms are negotiated directly between drivers and passengers – some charge a flat fee, others just want you to bring the coffee or split the parking costs with them.

Type: Full app developer
Category: Utility
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