Footprints CRM
Footprints CRM

Footprints CRM

by Signity Solutions Private Limited app developer


Footprints CRM app development description

Footprints CRM takes the pain out of reporting and makes using Salesforce easy. It uses location to pop-up deliver account-specific tasks right when you enter an Account. The new Account Snapshot feature allows quick access to the most important Salesforce information right from the map view.

If you liked ForcePad, you are going to love Footprints CRM.

- See all of your Accounts on a Map
- Access key Account info quickly with Account Snapshot
- Automatically get notification reminders about open Tasks at Accounts
- Automatically log your visits, even if the device is not opened up
- Proven to increase user adoption of Salesforce!
- Get to Opportunities, Cases, Reports and Forms faster than ever before.

Administrators: no Managed Package is necessary, and you can immediately see your custom fields, forms, and reports. Give it a try, Footprints has been shown to increase User Adoption of Salesforce by 18 X!

Category: Productivity
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