5G Speed Browser
5G Speed Browser

5G Speed Browser

by Fast Browser Ltd. app developer


5G Speed Browser app development description

5G Speed Browser is an extremely fast mobile browser optimized.
5G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, using brand new technologies created specifically for fourth generation of mobile communication technology standards. That's the reason why 5G Speed Browser gives its users fast and exciting internet surfing in social networks, heavily loaded websites with photos, videos and etc.
+ Browser Tab: Tab launcher supports multiple tabs while browsing and switch between them instantly
+ Colorful and simple interface
+ Your favorite websites available in one click
+ Constant and modern updates
+ Full privacy regime
+ Translate web pages easily into any language
+ Support for large file downloads (over 5 GB)
+ Download notifications (Both inside the app and outside as well)
+ Set downloaded music as ringtone maker, notification and alarm sound feature
+ Set image as wallpapers and backgrounds, lock screen, contact avatar, Whatsapp avatar
+ Social networking , Now you can share your text, links, images on your favorite social sites like Facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.
+ You can specify downloads with correct filename
+ Fast app, files and website download speed
+ Android Downloader is designed for UI
+ Live downloading progress bar for speed indicator
+ Able to download file of unknown size and unknown format
+ More information like finished download, file deleted toasts
+ Android Background downloads
+ Supports pause/resume or cancel the downloading file anytime reliably through easy to use android downloader controls
+ Download files in parallel parts reusing connections to significantly increase download speed
+ Support for threaded parallel downloads with multitasking
+ Start downloads from your browser or email using the link share intent, or by entering the URL manually
+ Resume broken downloads, for example after connection drops or device restart
+ Maintain download state even after app is destroyed.Our Android Downloader always stable.
+ Supports many applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail and many more

Downloader Media Player Features
+ Music audio playback of .aac, .mp3, and .m4a and other formats
+ Browser Video player for .m4v, .mp4, and .mov and other formats
+ Playlists has been added for both Music and Video player
+ Ability to play all MP3 files in a folder like a playlist
+ Repeat and shuffle songs
+ Audio playback continues with the screen locked
+ Playlist support
+ Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
+ Background audio
+ Alternative Downloader options making downloading easier
DISTRIBUTION: 5G Speed Browser is super fast mobile internet browser with a great number of users across more than 179 countries and regions. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms.

From: Vietnam
Category: Utility
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5G Speed Browser5G Speed Browser5G Speed Browser

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