Mobile App projects United States

Mobile App projects United States


Here you can find the Appfutura mobile app development projects list in United States. Post your mobile app development project and we will find the best mobile app developers to hire. If you are a mobile app developer located in United States, create a professional app developer profile to make development proposals

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  • Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: United States, New York, Nassau

    iOS · Open for proposals · Posted 10d ago · 19d remain · 30 proposals

    I have a rebate mobile app that was not completed by the first company & looking for a new company to to complete the app, fix bugs & make app working. I will also need same company to service mobile app for next 3-6 months. Your company must have great team, great reputation, experience & provide portfolio

  • Budget: $20,000 – $25,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Texas, Houston

    Cross Platform · Open for proposals · Posted 16d ago · 13d remain · 27 proposals

    I'm looking for a Bible-believing Christian app developer. Creating an app that connects people to churches in their area and equips them to start their own church. It needs to be top-notch user interface, utilize social networking, geolocating, and more. If interested, I would love to get connected with you.

  • Budget: more than $25,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Nevada, Clark

    Cross Platform · Open for proposals · Posted 12d ago · 17d remain · 33 proposals

    There will be coaches and players, coach can provide the session to the players, whenever player ask for the session. Session can be delivered throughout the video calling, also can have the chat with each other. Coaches also can arrange the class for session for multiple players and class will be delivered by video calling with all the players, they all can have the chat at one place.

  • Budget: $10,000 – $15,000 (USD) · Location: United States, California, Los Angeles

    iPhone · Open for proposals · Posted 7d ago · 22d remain · 30 proposals

    I have wireframes and functional specs for a relaxation music app. App is no more than a collection of instruments and each instrument is made up of .aac files playing at the same time. there is some simple additional logic that needs to be built in. I also need a back end to reduce app load and update instruments without having to update the app.

  • TTPlatinum project

    Budget: more than $25,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Florida, Miami

    iOS · Open for proposals · Posted 6d ago · 23d remain · 25 proposals

    See: Please send quote of replicating the exact same features, I have the same concept but ready with more features. Need to get a move on this asap. Thanks,

  • Budget: more than $25,000 (USD) · Location: United States, New Jersey, Mercer

    Android · Open for proposals · Posted 3d ago · 26d remain · 15 proposals

    I worked in a business for over 10 years which is very similar to uber/lyft..It works perfectly as an app and has the potential to be just as sucessful..I have done uber and saw how it can work just as well but there a difffrences..uber/lyft don't address issues that are important to my former job..i feel I could help create the best app for this bussiness..understand its not a rideshare app but it is a driving goal is to sell the app, not to run the company I would share in the...

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