Mobile App projects Romania

Mobile App projects Romania


Here you can find the Appfutura mobile app development projects list in Romania. Post your mobile app development project and we will find the best mobile app developers to hire. If you are a mobile app developer located in Romania, create a professional app developer profile to make development proposals

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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    Web · In Process

    The platform is designed for people to be able to reach out other people and ask for help and support whenever and wherever they need (the type of help they can ask is diverse and it's not limited, from asking to someone to walk their dog, send flowers to a loved one, finding their way back when lost in a new city, to advices on what to wear on a job interview and how to do their hairstyle, the list can continue). Service offered can be free or paid.

  • Budget: High (USD) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    Android · Closed

    An Android voice call application that is end to end encrypted plus secure from Quantum attacks. It uses Quantum Key Distribution scheme.

  • Budget: Medium (USD) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    Android · Closed

    Buna ziua, Doresc sa realizez o aplicatie interactiva pentru copiii cu nevoi speciale (autism, intarziere mintala, non verbali, etc). Am gasit ceva interesant de la care se poate incepe, tip model, dupa care s-o pot dezvolta constant adaugand noi jocuri, upgrade-uri la cele vechi, etc. Aceasta aplicatie se numeste AVAZ, se gaseste pe android market si in varianta LITE deci puteti sa va faceti o idee despre ce vreau sa realizez. Pentru inceput, fondurile sunt personale, deci oarecum limita...

  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Romania, Cluj

    iOS · Closed

    We are in process of developing a new mobile application on nutrition, promoting not only a healthier lifestyle, but more important, helping users to reach their weight goal by eating properly. What basically this application does is monitoring what you eat, by measuring the quantity of food eaten during every meal, setting targets in a way so that you manage to loose weight in a timely manner and consuming more vegetables, as well as offering some useful nutrition tips and support.

  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    iOS · Closed

    Once users define personal data and preferences in their profile in the mobile app, they are able to retrieve using that app a list of suitable records from the web database based on their preferences. “Records” means “projects”. We update the web database with projects (by staff of our company that will upload once a year into the back-end database of website the entire list of projects) and users can see from the mobile app those projects that they can fit in - based on their backgroun...

  • Budget: Very low (EUR) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    iPhone · Closed

    I am looking to create an ipad app that used location based on GPS reading to display current location and current itinerary given by a sequence of positions readings superimposed over a preset itinerary made by several waypoints selected by the user plus weather conditions at the waipoints and current position (. The app has to use offline sea maps (, coastal maps and weather info from API

  • Budget: Very low (EUR) · Location: Romania, Bihor

    Android · Closed

    I just need timely collaboration on a project. Task: Develop the necessary code (we have a designer) to set up a private chat 1 to 1 (not groups) in a closed community of 200 people. It is a pilot, limited budget and closed to 900-1000 euro

  • Budget: Very low (EUR) · Location: Romania, Vaslui

    Android · Closed

    The app is going to be used for fast food delivery like some of the competitors out there : deliveroo, uber on. The app should be connected to the main server that alow the app to recive information and location. The app need to contain a map and act like a gps guiding the user where to go. Receiving orders that can be rejected and accepted when arriving at the restaurant there should be a confirmation button to let the costumer know that he has arrived at the restaurant. After that a c...

  • Budget: Very low (EUR) · Location: Romania, Iaşi

    iPhone · Closed

    Audio files processing using "AudioKit"

  • Budget: Very low (USD) · Location: Romania, Bucureşti

    Cross Platform · Closed

    The main features of my app should include access to pre recorded voice files in the device's Voice Memo feature AND the music files on the device, with the ability to play 2 or 3 audio files concurrently. If the memo feature is not directly accessible, as is the case on Apple devices for instance, a workaround will need to be used in the form of another memo recording app, perhaps. It will also require a timer that will end all 3 files after a certain period, after 20 minutes, for ex...

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