Mobile App projects Netherlands

Mobile App projects Netherlands


Here you can find the Appfutura mobile app development projects list in Netherlands. Post your mobile app development project and we will find the best mobile app developers to hire. If you are a mobile app developer located in Netherlands, create a professional app developer profile to make development proposals

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  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: Netherlands, Overijssel

    Web · Negotiating

    A simple database system where we add a supplier list, a company list and you can add, edit, delete usage by that client and in total an excel list can be generated. Info: we have 200 suppliers, 100 companies where we publish and need a webbased tool where we can click a supplier and company and add how many photos they used and in total it will be add to an excel file (XLS) . Possibility to generate more than 1 excel file with different name.

  • Budget: €10,000 – €15,000 (EUR) · Location: Netherlands, South Holland

    Android · Negotiating

    The mainfuture is i will the full app with chat and geologic and more free.

  • Budget: €1,000 - €2,500 (EUR) · Location: Netherlands, North Brabant

    Web · Negotiating

    Creator app for Japanese kakute rings and Tsuba. Idea is that the customer can create is own ring or tsuba (katana handguard) and converts it to a STL file Ring: - Changing the thickness, size, radius on the edges etc - Attaching shapes on the ring (triangles etc) - possibility to connect with an API Tsuba - choosing different basic tsuba shapes (with patterns) - Adjusting the thickness, widht) - material/ color rendering. Creator app example: Heroforge but then for rings ans tsuba...

  • Budget: less than €1,000 (EUR) · Location: Netherlands, Utrecht

    Cross Platform · Negotiating

    My employee opens the app. Screen 1: Search = He fills a unique number what is matched with certain information: C3440 Screen 2: Results = Image/Logo/Product - button = product information = a new window opens with the information that we delivered. - button = location = a new windows open with location of the product. - tick option = taken/free = user can point out if the item is free or taken. I will provide the design. I will provide a prototype via

  • Budget: less than €1,000 (EUR) · Location: Netherlands, Utrecht

    iPhone · In Process

    Look for a developer who can improved the existing app 'Spectate". Better social experiments, better social sharings, more actractive design. Also better landingspage of spectate, to make it kind of webapp with the streams. Better SEO You get also the possibility to "let go" to make your own ideas on the app!

  • Budget: less than €1,000 (EUR) · Location: Netherlands, North Holland

    Android · Closed

    We are a brand new start up based in Amsterdam and we are creating a total new application. Our aim is to provide a fun way to take action on world events. With our app you will be able to vote 'yes' or 'no' on questions based on current world events in various topic categories. Users can also upload questions to the app and be paid for this service. The app also provides articles with an unbiased overview of information about the question, so the user can make an informed c...

  • Budget: $15,000 – $20,000 (USD) · Location: Netherlands, North Holland

    Cross Platform · Closed

    Hi, I am looking for developers that could create an app for me surrounding the bitcoin space. I am wondering whether you have experience with bitcoin, and whether you could develop an app that is similar to WeChat in China, but surrounding bitcoin? I would like to start it in the Netherlands, hence why I am writing you. Regards

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