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  • Hutchi's Honkers App Development

    Premium projectAssisted

    Budget: High (USD) · Location: New Zealand, Waikato

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 25d ago · Through 3d remain · 6 proposals

    I would like to develop an app that is both IOS and Android compatible that takes the core functionality of an already developed wordpress-based website - Hutchi's Honkers is a website based on Hong Kong horse racing, that has subscribers sign up for a fee to access horse racing analysis and information.
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  • Budget: High (USD) · Location: Singapore

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 14d ago · Through 15d remain · 3 proposals

    Main features of the app: Camera functionality in app, filters/photo editing, Live messaging, Liking/commenting, filtering, saving posts, following/follow users I am trying to create react native social media app, I have the figma designs already done and just need it to be coded out. I currently have a backend developer and require a team to develop the frontend.
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  • Dating site

    Premium project

    Budget: High (USD) · Location: Nigeria, Lagos

    App · Open for proposals · Through 4d remain · 4 proposals

    The main features of my app is a dating platform where people can find love , also every users should be able to upload status that can be viewed by people who followed them on the platform and also be able to voice call and video call
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  • Self checkout app

    Premium project

    Budget: Low (USD) · Location: New Zealand, Auckland

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 11d ago · Through 18d remain · 5 proposals

    Hi There, I am looking for a developer to develop an app for self checkout at shops and supermarkets, plus i will like to add metro and bus card functions where people can directly scan their QR code to the machine and pay from our app. like replacing Bus and train cards with our app technology. Also, I would like to add functions to pay at Petrol stations. Please let me know the price and also any such app you have developed previously. Main Features. Self checkout to shops and supermark...
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  • Games of heart

    Premium project

    Budget: High (USD) · Location: Philippines, Camarines Norte

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 9d ago · Through 20d remain · 3 proposals

    This is a dating app and I have a polish design Apps will work with: Native iOS Native Android Web Devices: Smartphones Tablets Ecommerce Booking Content / Education Social Networking Events Tools / Utilities Do users have to login? Login with Email Login like Facebook With timeline and dashboard This is a Paid App Paid Services Advertisement This Apps will need location or advanced map-based functionality And google translate with categori...
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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Saudi Arabia, Mecca Region

    Cross Platform · Open for proposals · Posted 26d ago · Through 3d remain · 2 proposals

    1. Social media should be connected to Chat bot. 2. Live chat from web to be connected by Chat bot. Logistics 1.An alert will be sent to the customer once the order placed, confirmed, delivered and invoiced through Chat Bot.
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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: United Arab Emirates, State of Dubai

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 17d ago · Through 12d remain · 5 proposals

    This app is simple Needs to be available in 3 languages Arabic English and Hindi Needs to accept payment in many currencies Need to have a team that can also market the app.. Sends notifications to the users nothing more
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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: United States, South Carolina, Charleston

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 14d ago · Through 14d remain · 4 proposals

    I need an app for Android and iOS. This app will work with a usb drive plugged into the phone. From the usb drive I want to be able to upload music, video, photos, and text files into the app. The app must also be able to save and store the music, videos, photos, and text files once they are uploaded into it. This way the user will not have to plug in the usb every time they want to access the information. This app is Similar to the Y DISK app in function; but I need it to look up date graphica...
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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Nepal, Midwest Region, Rāptī

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 10d ago · Through 19d remain · 3 proposals

    Need an IOS and an android compatible application that can be linked to the bank accounts. Which can give real-time transaction report. New customers can upload their documents like citizenship, passport etc from the application so that they won't have to come to the office. The application should give information about monthly statements, credit limit, used balance, payment due etc.
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  • Budget: Low (USD) · Location: Libya, Ţarābulus

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 10d ago · Through 19d remain · 4 proposals

    Application for home services such as Repairs & Maintenance + Cleaning Services, etc The app will have various features such as location of client. Dash board for admin. The possibility of the repairs man to add his services by offering him a spot to add his services on the app in a particular section after approval from the admin. Clients are able to add comments or stars for his work quality. NO need for payment facilities. The Admin is able to add adverts and take FULL control.....
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  • Budget: Medium (EUR) · Location: United Kingdom, England, London, Greater London, London

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 5d ago · Through 24d remain · 3 proposals

    We have a device called Touch screen controller, now we want to design a app by which the app can be controlled from remote place
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  • Budget: Medium (USD) · Location: Bahrain, Al Manāmah

    App · Open for proposals · Posted 5d ago · Through 24d remain · 5 proposals

    Hi, I wanted to make a delivery app for toy stores and electronic stores. For example my app will receive orders from customers and we will contact the driver and make him collect the product from the shop and delivery it to the customer.
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  • Budget: Very low (USD) · Location: India, Karnataka State

    Android · Open for proposals · Posted 12d ago · Through 15d remain · 2 proposals

    The main feature of my app should include login in social network and messaging tool to generation it has to be similar have example designing is not needed as a I will provide it
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