Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile App Development Companies


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Top mobile app development companies

  • We develop and implement technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency—and may run parts of their operations on their behalf. Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high-performance businesses. The AppsInvo Way is how we do things, how we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value.It’s how we interact with our clients—and each other. From serving and creating value for our clients to inspiring our people—in everyth... (Build apps)

    App development company services: Wearable development, Android app development company, Android Wear app development company, iOS app developers, iPhone app development, iPad mobile app development

    • Delhi, India
    • 50-100 employees
    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • $10/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2014
    • 15 apps
  • Incorporated with a vision to deliver a blend of latest technology and best in hand user experience, RipenApps success is a mirror of quality and satisfaction we have delivered to our clients while delivering their products, whether it has been a Mobile Application in iOS or Android or a Web Application. Our team has always been able to meet the expectations of our clients and has delivered even better. Having grown to a team of 60+ members who are well... (App developers)

    App development company services: iOS mobile app developers, Android app developers, Wearable app developers, Internet of Things development, Android Wear app development, Android TV development

    • Delhi, India
    • 50-100 employees
    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • $12/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2013
    • 10 apps
  • Roll’n’Code is a software development company, specializes in mobile, web and design solutions. Quality-oriented products, customer-focused approach and expertise in translating user needs into technical requirements allow to work with wide range of clients all over the world. 6 years experience 2 offices 35 specialists Development areas: healthcare, sustainable development, MVP for start-ups, education, business and finance, IoT, e-books, ... (Hire developers)

    App development company services: Android app development, iOS mobile development, Wearable developers, iPhone mobile developers, iPad development, Apple Watch mobile developers

  • ✅ Quality | ✅ Best Price | ✅ NDA for each project | ✅ Start-Ups | ✅ Free DEMO We believe in:- ☑ Good service cheap won’t be fast. ☑ Good service fast won’t be cheap. ☑ Fast service cheap won’t be good. Welcome to InnoApps, the top custom development company in India and the United States. We are a rapidly expanding expert team of over 20 developers and designers worldwide that offer design and development on demand. At InnoApps, we understand ... (Hire developers)

    App development company services: Wearable mobile app developers, Internet of Things development services, Android development services, Android Wear app development services, Android TV mobile development, iOS mobile developers

    • Delhi, India
    • 10-49 employees
    • $2.5k-$5k (USD)
    • $15/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2016
    • 12 apps
  • TapFreaks is a mobile focused development team that provides its global clientèle with the next generation solutions to their app needs. We are a team that take challenges and provide the best quality solutions to it. That is the reason behind the ROI success rate of our apps. TapFreaks is not only looking for phones and tablets, we are also providing solutions for next generation technologies including VR and IoT. With our experience worth over a decade,... (Build apps)

    App development company services: iOS app development services, iPhone app development services, iPad mobile developers, Apple Watch app development, Android mobile app developers, Android Wear development

  • Appiqo Technologies is a global provider in the Mobile Application development industry. Our main focus on cost effective and high value solutions to all of our clients. We have built a team culture that is focused on client satisfaction and driven by our client needs. We have a team of Talented App developers who can create customized apps by taking care of audience needs. Appiqo Technologies offer innovative mobile Application that increase productivity... (Build apps)

    App development company services: Wearable development company, Internet of Things app developers, Android mobile developers, Android Wear development services, Android TV mobile developers, iOS app developers

  • Our company started with very basic native utility mobile Apps for iPhone and Android and gradually raised our services for the Application development of various Social Networking and Business Apps serving various niche markets. Our app developers worked upon complex Animations, Device Database (SQLite), Payment gateways, GPS and Google Maps, Push Notifications, NFC, Barcode Scanners (Zbar, Zxing), OCR, REST APIs and various other core features of mobile ... (App developer)

    App development company services: Android mobile app development, Windows app development company, Facebook mobile app development, Blackberry development services, iOS app development, Cross Platform App mobile app developers

  • We are team of customer-oriented Technical Project Managers located in Germany and skilled Mobile & Web Developers located in India, this combination enables us to deliver High Quality standard solution in Cost-Effective way. Our team is focused on one thing; creating world-class cutting-edge technological solution that blow the doors off expectations and establish brands as category leaders. Our team has proficient in analyzing and translating busines... (Build apps)

    App development company services: Android development, Android Wear app development services, Android TV development, Android Auto app development services, Web developers, PHP developers

    • Berlin, Germany
    • 10-49 employees
    • €10k-€15k (EUR)
    • €15/h (EUR)
    • Founded: 2012
    • 8 apps
  • Aelius Venture is providing highest quality solution company. - We can start working on your project in 2 days. - 15 minutes free consultation for selected projects. - 100% Confidential Consultation! We sign NDA. Almost Mobile and Web Application Solution Provider. Aelius Venture are a premium service provider in Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Internet Marketing. Aelius Venture is top of the Professional software develo... (Make apps)

    App development company services: Wearable app developers, Android development services, iOS development services, iPhone development company, iPad developers, Web development services

    • Nadiad, India
    • 10-49 employees
    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • $20/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2016
    • 8 apps
  • Mobilean Technologies is a digital technology company focused on mobility solutions. we develop Android, iOS and Hybrid mobile apps. refer to our website for more details. (App developer)

    App development company services: Android mobile developers, iOS development company, Web development services, Cross Platform App development services, Phonegap app development, Ionic Framework mobile development

  • “Omninos Solutions” is a dedicated mobile apps development and web development company. We have exemplary experience in producing cost effective solutions for our clients worldwide. Our services include: iPhone application development, Android application development, Web Designing, PHP web development, E-commerce applications development, Business/ Corporate websites & mobile applications, Gaming applications, Music & video based web & mobile ... (Make apps)

    App development company services: Wearable development company, Android mobile app developers, Android Wear development company, iOS app development company, iPhone development, iPad development

    • Chandigarh, India
    • 10-49 employees
    • $2.5k-$5k (USD)
    • $10/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2015
    • 15 apps
  • We develop custom based solutions that produce efficient systems. Such mobile apps provide support to business growth needs, allow greater customer satisfaction and meet more needs specifically. We turn ideas into products. We not only develop apps as per client requirements but we also have expertise working for different industries. We have served in the following sectors: food, healthcare, social networking, educational, taxi, business, location. (App development companies)

    App development company services: Wearable mobile app development, Internet of Things mobile development, Android mobile development, Android Wear development services, Android TV mobile app development, Android Auto mobile development

  • With our past experience of over 10 years, we have gained quality work experience, knowledge and skill sets in various leading web technologies. We have been continuously investing in building skillsets for the latest technologies and its usage to provide robust and most appropriate solution to meet our customer requirements. Our dedicated research and training team is continuously focused upon identifying and building skill-sets to work on the most approp... (Make apps)

    App development company services: Android app development company, iOS app development, Internet of Things app development services, Web developers, iPhone app development services, iPad mobile developers

  • Since its inception in 2002 Webmyne is ISO 9001:2008 certified Canada based IT Company providing offshore support from India unit. We have 15 years experienced Team of 100+ developers who practiced in Agile project Management includes Business Analyst, Designers, Web Developers, Mobile Developers, Game Developers, QA and Project Delivery Managers and Scrum Master. Webmyne offers performance oriented and customer centric mobile app Development. Along wi... (App development companies)

    App development company services: iOS app development company, Android developers, Windows development services, Android Wear mobile developers, Android TV app development company, Android Auto development company

    • Vadodara, India
    • >100 employees
    • $1k-$2.5k (USD)
    • $8/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2002
    • 25 apps
  • Prometteur Solutions, established in 2013, provides technology-empowered business solutions for world-class organizations in the enterprise, federal, state and local government, and education markets. Prometteur Solutions is big enough to address our client needs and cares for client satisfaction by providing quality service. Our highly-skilled associates, and global delivery capabilities ensure the accessibility and scale to align clients technology solut... (Hire developers)

    App development company services: Wearable app developers, Internet of Things mobile app developers, Android developers, Android Wear mobile app developers, Android TV development company, Android Auto mobile developers

  • Front-end, back-end, mobile development and UI/UIX design – these are the first steps for any kind of startup. It may sound obvious, but we believe in magic that mobile and web technologies can bring to life. And we have a dream to make people's life better by solving some of their problems and giving more fun to everyday life with our online solutions. Digging deep into numerous programming languages and tools, we can fit the best framework for your i... (App developers)

    App development company services: iOS development, iPhone development company, iPad developers, Apple Watch app development services, Android mobile development, Web development

    • Lviv, Ukraine
    • 10-49 employees
    • $10k-$15k (USD)
    • $30/h (USD)
    • Founded: 2014
    • 13 apps
  • Mobitribe
    0.0 - 0 Reviews

    Attribe is a premier IOS,Android and web application developer that converts your idea into innovation. We provide full development cycle services offering you with the most cutting edge,innovative and experienced development team. An agile based technology tribe that develops what you imagine! Our agile development team combines technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP, iOS, Android Java, AngularJS, HTML5 and QA people to build user friendly web & mobile a... (Make apps)

    App development company services: Android development, iOS developers, iPhone development, iPad developers, Web developers, Cross Platform App app development company

  • JasApp TechServ Pvt. Ltd. is a US based Web & Mobile Apps development company with 100+ in-house members while development center is located in India. We provide specialized consultation, design & development services in the web and mobility space. Our finest expertise involves in: • Mobile: iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android • Web: PHP, CI, Cakephp, YII, WordPress, Joomla, Magento & Drupal • Testing & Quality assurance • Project management We have deve... (App developers)

    App development company services: Facebook developers, PHP development company, Wordpress development company, Android development services, Joomla developers, Web developers

About Mobile App Development

Mobile app development data and market share

Mobile app development companies have helped from small business to large companies reach all their target audience and beyond. From personal digital assistants to game apps or web apps. Mobile app development has experienced a growth in revenues and jobs for the last years. The different aspects developers need to keep in mind when making an app are the UI, UX, back-end or front-end among others.

Just the Apple App Store has 2 million apps and Google Play Store surpasses it with 2.2 million Android apps. And it is clear that these numbers will increase in the near future. 52% of the time that people spend with mobile devices is dedicated to app use. Since 2014, the number of mobile users is higher than the people using desktop versions of the websites. The global market of app revenue was $35 million in 2014, $45 million in 2015 and $58 million in 2016.

Why you should hire a mobile app development company

Within the mobile app development world, app owners can have their app developed with Native language, Cross-platform or Web apps. According to a comScore report, the largest group of mobile app users are in the age group of 18 to 24 years, but this trend changes every year as older people start using apps.

Businesses that have a mobile app will be able to reach all kinds of audiences with a good mobile app marketing strategy. An app is a good idea if you want to reach women, if your company has games, if the app is targeted to the health or entertainment industry or if you have a social networking channel.

What app project owners can find on the AppFutura mobile app development companies directory

In this directory focused on mobile app development companies, you will find expert developers with useful and verified reviews validated by our team.