Top App Developers in Russia

Top App Developers in Russia


Here you can find the best App Developers for hire in Russia. If you are an App developer located in Russia, you can create your customized professional developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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Last updated Jul 20, 2019

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Russia - 2019 Reviews

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  • e-Legion


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Working in every field of mobile app development, e-Legion empowers their clients with comprehensive and market-ready apps. The company focuses on building apps that have authentic customer experience and boost... View more

    Company information

    • 28 apps
  • Sibers


    App Development Company in Novosibirsk, Russia

    Are we a team of professional IT enthusiasts or are we a team of enthusiastic IT professionals? We're both! Our app development company has 17+ years of programming experience and work with numerous technologie... View more

    Company information

    • >100 employees
    • $15k-$20k (USD)
  • SimbirSoft


    App Development Company in Ulyanovsk, Russia

    Predictable outcome Our result-oriented development approach and regular releases ensure that you get exactly what you need Extensive technological expertise You get a sole tech partner who is able to fulf... View more

    Company information

    • 8 apps
  • Umbrella IT

    Umbrella IT

    App Development Company in Taganrog, Russia

    In the field of mobile apps development, we offer the full cycle of development activities: starting from prototyping through release and support to launching new versions. What makes us different from others…... View more

    Company information

    • >$25k (USD)
    • 10 apps
  • InstaDev


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Instadev is a full-service design and development agency based in St.Petersburg, Russia. We build great mobile apps, websites and interactive digital products since 2013. Our primary focus is on developing m... View more

    Company information

    • 4 apps
  • Live Typing

    Live Typing

    App Development Company in Omsk, Russia

    We are a digital production company. An agile team of 50 people ready to help startups, nonprofits and enterprises to create, integrate and support modern software solutions. We achieve results in time and for ... View more

  • Rosberry


    App Development Company in Omsk, Russia

    Rosberry is a full-service mobile app design and development team headquartered in Omsk, Russia. Our clients say that we know our stuff - be it design, coding or backend. It's a pleasure to know that we've alre... View more

    Company information

    • $15k-$20k (USD)
    • 20 apps
  • Heads and Hands

    Heads and Hands

    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    We are a web & mobile app development company specializing in projects for the new generation stores, digital and delivery services, personal accounts, loyalty programs, booking systems, electronic exchanges an... View more

    Company information

    • 4 apps
  • Appshop


    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    We build high the best apps. Ready to radically refine your best ideas, create killer apps and win at mobile business? From ideation to app creation to market domination, we are here to walk together with you. View more

    Company information

    • 3 apps
  • SoftCraft


    App Development Company in Kazan, Russia

    SoftCraft is a Russian custom software development company that has been providing IT solutions to meet clients’ need since 2013. We help our clients with the business process digital transformation, legacy sy... View more

  • Lodoss team

    Lodoss team

    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Web and mobile development company Our core competencies: - CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT We work with Node.js, Angular, React. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis We started to work with Node.js v. 0.0.4 (June 200... View more

    Company information

    • 50-100 employees
    • >$25k (USD)

    App Development Company in Novosibirsk, Russia

    We develop complicated web and mobile business apps. We have experience working with educational, commercial, entertainment companies , HORECA, logistics and services, CRM systems. We have partnership in the ... View more

  • Tamzap


    App Development Company in Perm, Russia

    A kickass team from Russia. We are really passionate about the design and usability of mobile apps. We're always trying to find something new in the industry and show it. View more

  • AXETA Software

    AXETA Software

    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    We provide a range of IT services to address the needs of our clients, including web and mobile development, UX/UI design and QA testing. With 7+ years experience and having the best Russian engineers, Axeta de... View more

  • fructus temporum

    fructus temporum

    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    fructus temporum concentrates on delivering quality mobile applications. We take only 1-2 mobile applications at one time to deliver a product using latest techniques, patterns and solutions. Our experience wo... View more



    App Development Company in Omsk, Russia

    Want to build a mobile app from scratch? Want to turn existing web app into mobile? Want to quickly test the app idea? We can help you! View more



    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    4+ years of professional mobile apps development and implementing IT-solutions for financial industry: banks, forex-brokers, investment companies Our clients cover Russian, CIS, European and US markets Te... View more

  • Fudog Game Developer

    Fudog Game Developer

    App Development Company in Bol'shaya Okhta, Russia

    Indy game developers for mobile and social platforms. Based in Sant Petersburg (Russia) View more

  • Planemo


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    We are an independent creative team situated in Saint-Petersburg. The studio was founded in 2011 as a collective of game industry professionals from various companies. Our portfolio includes number of contract ... View more



    App Development Company in Kirov, Russia

    iPhone | iPad | Android | iOS | Android | Mobile App | PHP5 | Scala | HTML5 | Ruby on Rails |Node JS | Web | Project Manager | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------... View more

  • Citronium


    App Development Company in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

    Citronium team consists of highly-experienced and talented software developers and designers. All the projects are equally important for us. We do our best to satiafy our clients requirements. Software is a ... View more



    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    QNIUM LLC is a software development company dedicated to the development of high-end solutions for businesses. Company provides enterprise software development services with the use of the latest technologies a... View more

  • InfoShell


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    InfoShell – one of the leaders of mobile apps development in Russia. By 2016 our team completed more than a hundred successful projects in the area of mobile apps and web services development, business process ... View more

  • Vitamin


    App Development Company in Perm, Russia

    A skilled team of iOS and Android developers will design, develop and deliver an app that reaches customers and brings them a new experience. We develop native and hybrid apps to engage consumers effectively ac... View more

  • Aspirity


    App Development Company in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

    Aspirity is an outsourcing services provider that develops web and mobile applications with expertise in Smart Home, Media & Entertainment, Education, and Insurance. We’ve done development for numerous software... View more

  • KODE


    App Development Company in Kaliningrad, Russia

    We develop mobile applications for businesses, airlines, banks, startups and life. Among our company's customers included in the top 100 Russian businesses. Grocery solutions necessarily tested in focus group... View more

  • Napoleon IT

    Napoleon IT

    App Development Company in Chelyabinsk, Russia

    Napoleon IT has invented and developed more than 100 mobile applications for the leading companies of Russia and Eastern Europe. Mobile application is a modern approach for business operation, expansion of comp... View more

  • Digital Skynet

    Digital Skynet

    App Development Company in Taganrog, Russia

    We are a team of bold developers trying to save the world from non-working software, turn disgruntled customers into happy ones, and make routine and long processes easier and more accessible. How can we hel... View more

  • Ronas IT

    Ronas IT

    App Development Company in Omsk, Russia

    Ronas IT is a dynamic and fast-growing IT company specializing in business process automation with a human-centric approach. We believe that, first and foremost, every project is about people: we begin with und... View more

  • Mobiap


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Development of mobile applications in the hands of the best programmers. From design and prototype of every step is controlled by a leading expert in the field of product. View more

  • R.O.S.Factory


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    R.O.S.Factory is the part of international group "Meyer & Nicca", with headquarters in Zürich. We work successfully in Saint-Petersburg from the year of 1999. View more

  • PunicApp


    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    PunicApp was founded in 2011. Since then we’ve brought various difficult projects to life. Projects with clients as Toyota, Datsun, Guiness and others. We’ve also worked with digital agencies: EMCG, Global ... View more

  • AppCraft


    App Development Company in Ryazan', Russia

    We work since 2011 and have published more than 100 projects since then. For 8 years of developing mobile applications we have learned to develop convenient systems, build an intuitive interface, create beau... View more

  • Wellsoft


    App Development Company in Moscow, Russia

    Custom mobile application development for business. Complex systems including back-end, mobile and desktop front-end. View more

  • Integra Sources Ltd

    Integra Sources Ltd

    App Development Company in Barnaul, Russia

    Integra created various applications being a part of the whole system. We build native and cross-platform apps of the highest efficiency which just "suit" your system. View more

  • SSP Software

    SSP Software

    App Development Company in Tomsk, Russia

    SSP Software specializes in iOS, Android, Blackberry and custom software development and related IT services. SSP Software has broad experience in development and implementation of complex standalone softwa... View more

  • Yumasoft,Inc


    App Development Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Yumasoft is a well-known outsourcing software development company. We have been working since 2003. Our team consists of more than 50 experienced engineers, able to carry out even the most complex projects ... View more

  • Improve


    App Development Company in Akademgorodok, Russia

    HI, WE > IMPROVE We are a digital agency building mobile experiences for the new age fintech, event management and automotive industries. We dive deep into your business and deliver answers and solutions,... View more


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