Top App Developers in Italy

Top App Developers in Italy


Here you can find the best App Developers for hire in Italy. If you are an App developer located in Italy, you can create your customized professional developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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Last updated Jun 01, 2024

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Italy - 2024 Reviews

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  • TangoDev


    App Development Company in Cremona, Italy

    Ciao! we are TangoDev We specialize in developing high-quality and tailor made apps using state-of-the-art technologies. We are a software agency specialized in mobile app development. Our goal is to create...

  • Lasting Dynamics

    Lasting Dynamics

    App Development Company in Torre del Greco, Italy

    We are specialized in React and React native, building beautiful cross platform application and incredible user experiences

  • Frankhood


    App Development Company in Carbonara di Bari, Italy

    We are living in a Mobile Era, something such dynamic that is continuously expanding, reaching daily improvements of the previous technology upgrade. How dramatically important would it be for your organization...

  • eFuture


    App Development Company in Lanciano, Italy

    Specialties: Civil Engineer with major in structures and geotechnics. Expert Window software developer using Delphi-Pascal(including Paradox,MySQL,SQLite databases),Visual Basic,Java,C,C++, Objective c. iOS and...

  • itConcept GmbH

    itConcept GmbH

    App Development Company in Merano, Italy

    Modern App and Software development Are you looking for individual solutions, do you require an App for mobile devices or an expert for classic software and web development? Whatever your needs, we are your ...


    App Development Company in Faicchio, Italy

    Developing applications for iPhone

  • Camagames


    App Development Company in Bondeno, Italy

    Matteo Carretti founded the Camagames in 2007, composed by Art, Music and programming lovers with the goal of creating videogames. Within years, Camagames grew up collaborating with many companies and collabo...

  • Web Studio Lab

    Web Studio Lab

    App Development Company in Bari, Italy

    Web Studio lab is a full-service web agency with its sole focus on iOS Applications. We have a dedicated team that will help and serve you.

  • Zirak Mobile

    Zirak Mobile

    App Development Company in Mondovì, Italy

    Zirak Mobile offers the best solutions for ITC: m-sites, analysis, development and marketing of iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian applications. Jump at the enchanced opportunity given by new medi...

  • 01tribe


    App Development Company in Rome, Italy

    Customer list: MTV, Dolce&Gabbana, Bulgari, Alfa Romeo, AC Milan, Costa Crociere, Alitalia, Air One, BNP Paribas - BNL, BancaSella, Adobe, NOKIA, RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana, Virgin Radio, Mondadori Gro...



    App Development Company in Gorle, Italy

    We are an iPhone dev team with several applications already published on App Store. We are able to handle any iPhone development needs. Our team have more than ten years of specific experience in coding mobi...

  • Extendi


    App Development Company in Florence, Italy

    Full Stack web development at your fingertips Ruby on Rails React UX Design Cassandra Solr iOS/Android EC2 Node.js

  • 8080


    App Development Company in Follonica, Italy

    Our mission is to build beautiful and effective software for alternative platforms. Active research and marketing of new technological solutions, built with quality and usability as the first concern, is the...

  • Aidilab Srl

    Aidilab Srl

    App Development Company in Siena, Italy

    The AidiLab team has many years of experience in building and managing projects which bring together design and technology Founded in 2010, AidiLab is a design studio dealing to develop products, services, ...

  • Altair4 Multimedia

    Altair4 Multimedia

    App Development Company in Rome, Italy

    ltair 4 creative team has developed over 100 interactive projects, since its founding in 1986. Subjects range from archaeology to the environment, from architecture to cinema. Altair4’s primary goal is educatio...

  • Exprivia


    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    Exprivia is a global company and the market leader in Italy in process consultancy, technology services and Information Technology solutions. Continuous investment in research and development has made us the r...

  • GeoBeyond


    App Development Company in Rome, Italy

    Modelling accurately means run faster. Our consultancy provides affordable high-level advice on Geospatial and Security development. While iterations are running, GeoBeyond approaches the analysis and the devel...

  • Hellonet Group

    Hellonet Group

    App Development Company in Gorgonzola, Italy


  • iCube+


    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    iCube+ is an IT company with a difference. Conceived in Italy in 2004 by Roberto Portelli, Founder and Chief Executive of the Group, the company has grown to a highly successful company in the ICT Industry. W...

  • Incode*


    App Development Company in Cremona, Italy

    Incode was created by professionals after years of experience in web and software development. We always work with passion side by side with our clients to make profitable and long lasting relationships with th...

  • Jusan Network

    Jusan Network

    App Development Company in Turin, Italy

    An old Chinese saying tells: "When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, other people build windmills". We build your windmills. Jusan Network is your ideal partner to make your business gr...

  • Mavigex


    App Development Company in Bologna, Italy

    The Mavigex skills in Applications and Services are focused on the following pillars: software design and development on fixed and mobile platforms: HTML5, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, C/C++

  • Monkey Cube Interactive

    Monkey Cube Interactive

    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    The keyword is 'interactive'. In our view, the meaning of the word interactive is: making the user 'experience' a device, 'live' it, 'enjoy' it, learn though it. Or, in a few words, interact with it. In our opi...

  • NETTuno


    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    4 MILLION of applications sold all over the world. Android, iOS, Windows Phone7. Mobile applications are a glimpse into the future.

  • Posytron


    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    Posytron is a leading national player in the development of mobile applications, both in B2C and B2B applications, therefore, addressed to the vast consumer market, but also for the corporate world that needs s...

  • Softec S.p.A.

    Softec S.p.A.

    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    Softec has been present in the IT market for over 15 years and specialises in the development of new organisational models, infrastructures, multiplatform and multidevice technological solutions that enable com...

  • SpinVector


    App Development Company in Benevento, Italy

    SpinVector is a young Italian company that creates innovative technology and entertainment at the boundary of material and virtual. SpinVector realized and helped realizing many products and installations in I...

  • Vetrya


    App Development Company in Orvieto, Italy

    Vetrya, through its own competence center develops mobile applications and value-added services for any smartphone and tablet on all application store market. Concept mock-up, user interface, development, pu...

  • Xorovo


    App Development Company in Pula, Italy

    Xorovo is a best-in-class software development firm, specialized in mobile, web 2.0 and voice applications. We create the best products, like: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and HTML 5 Apps Virtua...

  • Logic Solution

    Logic Solution

    App Development Company in Rome, Italy

    We create tailor-made app for your iDevices by focusing on the native language and the unique opportunities of the iOS platform. Our strengths lie in user experience, usability and overall quality. For us the c...

  • Appfactory


    App Development Company in Milano, Italy

    We are young but we are growing quickly, and our mobile team is already one of the largest in Italy. We deal in Mobile Applications and backend systems that operate them. We would like a few customers and many...

  • Double77 srl

    Double77 srl

    App Development Company in Rome, Italy

    7777 is a software company focused on the development of mobile applications. We are a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years experience in web application development, information systems and mob...



    App Development Company in Milan, Italy

    Vantisco a mobile app development company that provides professional level services from mobile business applications, educational applications, Financial, Retail applications, Healthcare application to enterta...

  • Aincrad Tech

    Aincrad Tech

    App Development Company in Brescia, Italy

    We develop mobile application using the latest native technologies.



    App Development Company in Latina, Italy

    We are a special team of young Software Engineers specialized in the development of technological solutions that make your business grow! We’ve acquired our expertise and technological know-how through successf...

  • ibrand


    App Development Company in Borgo San Dalmazzo, Italy

    Ibrandtech, the latest venture from CRBtech, came into being with the intention of providing top quality, one of a kind Brand and Perception building services to its clients. The idea of Ibrandtech originated f...

  • Ynfo.Apps


    App Development Company in Barletta, Italy

    Hello! We are an Italian company that creates incredible things. We are located in Barletta, one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy. Our team is made up of creative people just to create unique and ...

  • Bad Dog Apps

    Bad Dog Apps

    App Development Company in Forlì, Italy

    In 1991, Steve Jobs came back to Apple after creating the NeXT operating system. Alan was working with NeXT applications, and after Steve's move, he began building Cocoa applications. With a background in engin...


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