Top App Developers in North Carolina

Top App Developers in North Carolina


Here you can find the best App Developers for hire in North Carolina. If you are an App developer located in North Carolina, you can create your customized professional developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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Last updated Jul 16, 2020

Top Mobile App Development Companies in North Carolina - 2020 Reviews

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  • Our company is a digital product development company, we have worked with small, medium and large enterprises and helped them grow. We have digitalized many startups as we understand the various requirements of...

    Company information

    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • 10 apps
  • In a few words, Redmadrobot is the full-service mobile solutions company with deep expertise in the area. We can proudly say, that we’re one of the best on Russian market and strong competitor on European marke...

  • Peaktwo


    App Development Company in Charlotte, United States

    If your web platform isn’t performing, no amount of publicity, social media or site traffic is going to help. We build platforms – websites and applications that work. Seemless technology, responsive designs an...

  • Imaginovation


    App Development Company in Raleigh, United States

    Whether you know exactly what you need or far from it, we can help you. Our team can develop Android software to meet your specific professional needs. If you are unsure about the application that your business...

  • Sinew Solutions is your technology partner. We deliver effective e-commerce, mobile, and web application solutions for Apple, Android, Google, Unix/Linux, and Windows, including features such as location-based ...

    Company information

    • Windows App Development Company
    • iPad App Development Company
  • Flynaut


    App Development Company in Charlotte, United States

    Flynaut is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency that helps brands make the most of their digital footprint. Flynaut’s repertoire of services includes web development, SEO, branding, mobile a...

    Company information

    • Branding Company
    • SEO Company
  • We partner with our clients to strategize a bespoke web solution built to meet goals and objectives specific to their business model. Every responsive website that we build is unique in design and functionality...

  • KitelyTech


    App Development Company in Charlotte, United States

    KitelyTech is a full-service technology consulting, design & development firm with offices in downtown Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, and Charlotte. KitelyTech was started as a company to set industry st...

    Company information

    • App Development Company
    • Android Development Company
  • Global Vincitore

    Global Vincitore

    App Development Company in Gastonia, United States

    Global Vincitore A team of technology enthusiasts, creative designers, software engineers and marketers who are translating clients Ideas in to realities and delivering best results since 5 years. Our relent...

  • CrossComm


    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    CrossComm, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is a mobile and web app development studio that helps organizations achieve their digital aspirations. CrossComm was one of a handful of companies to launch one of the f...

  • Lithios


    App Development Company in Raleigh, United States

    Lithios is a mobile and web development company that believes in creating engaging experiences. We craft quality applications that empower enterprises and startups to reach their business goals.

  • CMS Website Services LLC a Raleigh (NC) US based Co. with its development base in India is a premier Web Development firm offering customized solutions to help businesses streamline their business processes, in...

  • Fountain City, Inc.

    Fountain City, Inc.

    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    Whether a unique and interactive web app or an app for use across all mobile operating systems, we can build the solutions you need. We apply SEO optimization, APIs, analytics, custom coding, theme building...

  • Confianz Global, Inc.

    Confianz Global, Inc.

    App Development Company in Belmont, United States

    We are a software solutions company providing clients with ERP, website, and mobile app services. Based in the US, with clients in over 50 countries, we have the knowledge and experience to develop stellar soft...

  • Fairlady Media is a Raleigh, NC based indie gaming company founded by Connie and James Bossert. We've published 11 of our own iOS games and 20+ games for clients on the App Store with millions of downloads and ...

  • Snooty Monkey, LLC

    Snooty Monkey, LLC

    App Development Company in Chapel Hill, United States

    Out of Chapel Hill, NC. My specialty is taking ideas from the back of a napkin through version 2.0 and to profitability. Both iPhone and necessary Web/server back end. I wrote a book on iPhone development: http...

  • New Potato Technologies

    New Potato Technologies

    App Development Company in Wilmington, United States

    Dev team: iOS and Android. Engineers. Dreamers. Designers. Based in Wilmington, NC. Working to extend mobile device platforms into new innovative areas. Mixing Santa's workshop with a bit of magic to bring imag...

  • Pogo


    App Development Company in Raleigh, United States

    App Development Services Pogo builds mobile applications on multiple devices, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and more. Get information on partnering with our group of global experts to formulate y...

  • Wilmington Design Company

    Wilmington Design Company

    App Development Company in Wilmington, United States

    Your customers are more mobile than ever! To make sure your website can reach them when they're on the go, it must be formatted correctly for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We keep up with cha...

  • rize


    App Development Company in Midway, United States

    Rize Technology Corporation is a global IT services company that specializes in the development of enterprise web, mobile, cloud solutions and technology support services based on wide range of technologies. ...

  • CSMediaPro


    App Development Company in Wilmington, United States

    A word about mobile apps Yes we build mobile apps but unless there is a specific need, your business probably doesn't need one for mobile marketing. Think of the process the end user goes through with an app...

  • Allure Web Solutions

    Allure Web Solutions

    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    Allure Web Solutions is all about you. (Well, once you hire us, then we’ll be all about you.) Our team leverages global talent so we can offer you high-quality websites at affordable prices. Sure, we special...

  • Phācia


    App Development Company in Caraleigh, United States

    Phācia consists of a small core of developers, designers and project managers with a single focus: Meeting other companies’ needs for mobile app development. And if the skills we keep on hand are not enough, we...

  • Riverturn


    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    We’ve created our own iOS devices, and we’ve built them for our customers. We can contribute to an iOS development team, or we can take you from idea all the way to being published in the App Store.

  • G&G Technologies

    G&G Technologies

    App Development Company in Cary, United States

    G&G is involved in mobile application development to run on smart phones for small, midsize and startup companies. These offshore outsourcing projects are mainly for RIM Blackberry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Goo...

  • Software Development Europe

    Software Development Europe

    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    Software Development Europe was founded in 1995 by an American Jeff Smith when he realized the potential of Czech engineers after cooperating with a local university. Traditional locations used to build softwar...

  • Smashing Boxes

    Smashing Boxes

    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    Agile, Iterative, Lean, Entrepreneurial. Our team is passionate about developing mobile and web solutions that help businesses of all sizes – from startups to large brands – achieve their goals. We are UX desig...

  • LittleGreenSoftware


    App Development Company in Durham, United States

    Make Contact — your friendly app developers have landed We are a mobile app development firm specializing in iOS and Android apps that connect — to devices, to the cloud, to your users and to you. Warning: o...

  • What do you want your app to do? Users love to load a variety of mobile devices with useful apps of related interest. These include apps for iPhones, iPads, Androids, Blackberrys -- and the list is growing....

  • BP Studios

    BP Studios

    App Development Company in Morrisville, United States

    With the world going mobile, you need a way to keep up with your customers, prospects, and sales force. With iPhones, iPads, Androids, and the many other mobile devices on the market today, you need a way to l...

  • The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile platform propelling us into a smartphone revolution, thanks in most part to the incredible amount of iPhone apps available today. Everything we do on the web can be done...

  • We have extensive experience in developing both standalone mobile software solutions and mobile solutions integrated with web-based application backend systems for business automation and data reporting. We've ...

  • Integritive


    App Development Company in Asheville, United States

    With more and more of your customers turning to mobile devices for their surfing and email, it's important your site and messages are optimized to suit the platform. We can also help you create exciting applica...

  • The mobile web is the fastest growing area of Internet usage today. With fast 4G speeds and a growing number of everyday tasks moving to phones, you may have considered getting into the mobile game. A mobile ap...

  • Bracket7


    App Development Company in Cary, United States

    Bracket7 has been working with iOS since the original introduction of the iPhone SDK and has bore witness to an exponential growth in native mobile application development interest, continuing today with the iP...

  • Mobile Reach

    Mobile Reach

    App Development Company in Cary, United States

    Mobile Reach is a leading provider of enterprise mobility software solutions to corporations; the United States military; educational institutions; and federal, state, and local governments. We specialize in ex...

  • Does your company need a custom smartphone app? Do you know if an app would be beneficial to your company? Let us help you determine what your app might need and if you are a good candidate for a mobile app! ...

  • Big Sushi

    Big Sushi

    App Development Company in Charlotte, United States

    Mobile applications are critical to business today. Customers require instant access to information, which mobile devices provide. Our applications for Windows Mobile™, iPhone™ and Android™ help you extend your...


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