Top App Developers in Kraków

Top App Developers in Kraków


Here you can find the best App Developers for hire in Kraków. If you are an App developer located in Kraków, you can create your customized professional developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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Last updated Jun 24, 2019

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Kraków - 2019 Reviews

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  • We create mobile applications, mainly for business, for the most popular platforms, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. But not only – we also created 3 applications for beacons and smartwatches. Ready4S' mobile app developer...

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • >$25k (USD)
  • Spinney


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    | ✔ 100% positive feedback ✔ | ♛ Best price ♛ | Spinney is a software house specialising in the delivery of reliable systems. We design and develop breathtaking native mobile apps for iOS as well as Android, toge...

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • $15k-$20k (EUR)
  • KISS digital

    KISS digital

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    KISS digital is a software house based in Kraków, Poland. We can easily become your digital transformation partner, thanks to our expertise in web and mobile app development, as well as graphic and UX/UI design. We are o...

    Company information

    • $5k-$10k (USD)
    • 14 apps
  • YSBM Group

    YSBM Group

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We are a European software engineering company based in Krakow, Poland established in 2014. We provide custom development services aiming at sophisticated web and mobile solutions. Our flexible development approach...

    Company information

    • 3 apps
  • We are a development company specialized in building intranet portals, delivering systems for project management, CRM, creating workflow solutions, helping in helpdesk system, developing custom apps and so on. We deli...

    Company information

    • $10k-$15k (USD)
    • 20 apps
  • Tango Agency

    Tango Agency

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We transform brands and grow businesses through technology. Transport/booking engines, social networks, gaming, betting engines, and dedicated management solutions - you name it, we build it. Let us transform your id...

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • €20k-€25k (EUR)
  • Railwaymen


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Our company is the European software development leading station, with a special focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our team consist of experienced mentors and young aspiring developers. We are en...

    Company information

    • 10-49 employees
    • $15k-$20k (USD)
  • Miquido


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We take care not only of app development but the whole process of making it successful, starting from improving an app idea, through wireframing UX, designing UI, app development, quality assurance, and maintenance.

    Company information

    • >$25k (USD)
    • 10 apps
  • Prismake.


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Prismake is the first Software Home on the market. A place where your product is created, polished, grown, loved and kept safe.

  • Solidbrain


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    High-quality, native applications for iOS, Android. We design, develop, publish, monitor and improve. We specialize in the development of cross-platform native mobile applications using Microsoft Xamarin. Being Xamar...

  • codete


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Codete is an European software house. Company is focused on providing remarkable mobile and web solutions to the most demanding markets. Codete team consist of passionate software developers, managers & graphic designers...

  • Codahead is polish software development company, operating since 2008. We are helping clients by providing professional Software development services, Outsourcing and Hardware engineering. We've built scalable, hi...

  • Netigen Kluzowicz

    Netigen Kluzowicz

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We are IT company from Krakow (South of Poland) - smart, creative team who loves their work. Our company focus on developing mobile apps and web design - so far, we made over 500 applications downloaded by more than 30...

  • Sigmapoint


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Sigmapoint is a Cracow based software company specializing in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and backend systems in Python, Node.js, Java & Scala. Since 2012 we had a pleasure to work with many cl...

  • Softnauts


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Have you ever been wondering what makes a great team? Above all - People! We are a mobile web development company from polish Silicon Valley - Cracow. For over 3 years now we have been composing a highly skilled and mo...

  • VORM


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    VORM is a technology design and innovation consultancy firm. We connect strategy with design thinking and the newst technology to create beautiful and useful experiences from start to finish. Brands that tells a story,...

  • Vasco Technologies

    Vasco Technologies

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We come from a company called Vasco Electronics that manufactures high-quality electronic voice translators and mobile devices for travelers. We are a team of experienced developers that have been creating software for t...

  • Dev and Deliver

    Dev and Deliver

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Dev and Deliver has an enormous spectrum of development skills. We will create native mobile apps, beautiful webpages, animated landing pages or fully custom CMSes (i.e. based on Yii and Laravel). We are ready to tackle ...

  • Railsware


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Railsware is a premium software development consulting company , focused on delivering great web and mobile applications. We offer website adaptation for mobile devices, creating single APIs for web and native applic...

  • Untitled Kingdom

    Untitled Kingdom

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    We help businesses build, launch and scale products for web and mobile. Except for software, we take care of product strategy, service design, UX, UI, App Store Optimisation, service design, business scaling and beyond. ...

  • Re:factory


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    re:factory is boutique mobile development softwarehouse. Our tech team specialize in mobile technologies. In connection with skills and experience in webapplications development area, it gives us possibility to provi...

  • Redvike


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Redvike is a rising development agency based in Cracow, Poland. We are a group of young, talented developers from large enterprises all around Europe, united by one fundamental idea "Make things right". As an agency, ...

  • Giraffe Studio

    Giraffe Studio

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    WE’RE NOT JUST ANOTHER MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY ;-) We help our clients make their vision a reality. GET MORE. PAY LESS. With us, you will save up to 75% of the budget and 50% of the time. We’ve been offeri...

  • Gecko Dynamics

    Gecko Dynamics

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Gecko Dynamics specializes in delivering web applications and high-performance software solutions, mainly for web & mobile projects of various size and complexity. What you may find important to know about us: Over...

  • Software Mansion

    Software Mansion

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Software Mansion is a team of talented programmers specialized in the agile software development of web, mobile, and multimedia apps, using a broad range of technologies. If given to choose we will code in React, React N...

  • DeliaSoft Sp. z o.o.

    DeliaSoft Sp. z o.o.

    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    DeliaSoft is a team of software developers from Poland. We have successfully delivered projects for the following industries eCommerce, game development, finance, hostels and accommodation, eLearning and education, etc. ...

  • Applandeo


    App Development Company in Kraków, Poland

    Applandeo is a full cycle mobile development company from Kraków (Poland) that focuses on web applications and mobile applications. Applandeo is a trusted partner for companies and startups from Norway, Sweden, UK, Germa...


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