Top App Developers in Germany

Top App Developers in Germany


Here you can find the best App Developers for hire in Germany. If you are an App developer located in Germany, you can create your customized professional developer profile. Add your apps, works, and mobile app development company information

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Last updated May 18, 2023

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Germany - 2023 Reviews

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  • Concept Studio

    Concept Studio

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Concept Studio is a strategically driven, digital-first agency that lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. We solve consumer and business problems with our diversified services keeping a balanc...

  • Platri IT GmbH

    Platri IT GmbH

    App Development Company in Bochum, Germany

    Our app development team stands for innovation, quality and reliability. We already have developed apps for successful companies and are working on our own projects.

  • App3null GmbH

    App3null GmbH

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are professional mobile app developers from Berlin. Our team consists of experienced developers, designers and project managers. We develop projects not only for our customers in Berlin, but also throughout...

  • Edvantis


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are large enough to solve a complex problem, smart enough to care about every project. Edvantis’ goal is to help our clients achieve more via software engineering as a service. We are a mature vendor with...

  • Netzwiese


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We build software that will enable our clients and their customers to reach their goals in a more enjoyable way than ever before. To accomplish this we start the development process with a research phase in...

  • codedifferent


    App Development Company in Landshut, Germany

    need based app concepts + app marketing strategies + user centered design + turnkey development = codedifferent. We are a strategic mobile think tank and innovation is our passion. Maybe that's why Apple & AT&T...

  • entwicklungsschmiede


    App Development Company in München, Germany

    Die entwicklungsschmiede entwickelt für Sie Anwendungen für das iPhone und den iPod Touch. Dabei reichen unsere Leistungen von der Konzeption über das Design und die Umsetzung bis zur Schulung nach der Liefe...

  • nxtbgthng


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Fresh apps made in Berlin

  • Kombinate


    App Development Company in Dresden, Germany

    WE THINK APP. mobile apps, web apps, social media apps, widgets. beyond plain development we also do market research, backend support, testing, digitization, usability, concepts, design, contents with german ac...

  • Netbiscuits


    App Development Company in Kaiserslautern, Germany

    Use our cloud service and mobile development framework to set up and deliver rich mobile web applications cross-platform.

  • Icon Mobile

    Icon Mobile

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We connect brands with their audience in the most direct and engaging way possible, through the devices people love most and always have with them.

  • Weborescent


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are specialized in web & mobile development, search engine optimisation (SEO), e-commerce, f-commerce, we support small to large businesses in their projects over Internet.

  • OSFGlobalServices


    App Development Company in München, Germany

    OSF Global Services is a dynamic IT Services and Consulting provider that focuses on delivering increased business value for its clients. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, ...

  • 4DProjects


    App Development Company in Rüschendorf, Germany

    Key Skills iPhone / iPad, Joomla!, Flash, SEO, Android

  • uxebu


    App Development Company in München, Germany

    Uxebu is a distributed team of passionate software developers. We love what we do, and we’re continually innovating and adapting. We build tools for developing and expressing ideas through open and standa...

  • Racoon Apps

    Racoon Apps

    App Development Company in Hamburg, Germany

    We support you in the planning and implementation of your mobile project. Through modern programming environments and tools, we solve your problems and implement your desires accurately. We use WordPress, RubyO...

  • Elbkapitaene


    App Development Company in Hamburg, Germany

    We’re no jack of all trades, but we’re definitely master of this one. Our specialty is the development of custom websites, web applications as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. It is our priority to giv...

  • Akryl


    App Development Company in Hamburg, Germany

    Our dedicated app team programs advanced apps for iOS and Android. We believe that apps have to be functional, fun, and easy-to-use. In addition to apps, we create mobile themes and optimize websites for mobile...

  • Alster Touch

    Alster Touch

    App Development Company in Hamburg, Germany

    We create interesting, innovative and functional applications of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Android. We are not afraid of the things nobody has done before, and we love it when the work is fun. And...

  • Up Next

    Up Next

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Our iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone apps are custom built for you from the base up, using nothing but the most up-to-date technology—all implemented with solid strategy. Our ever-growing reputation f...

  • Starkling


    App Development Company in Tuttlingen, Germany

    You are looking for a capable team to create your App ideas to life. You have come to the right place. We offer mobile app development services for iOS (Objective C & Xcode) Android (Java & Andro...

  • Tesobe


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We’re an agile funky team of software engineers, project managers and designers based in Berlin. We specialise in web and mobile application development. We quickly deliver high quality: design, prototyping,...

  • Coeus Solutions

    Coeus Solutions

    App Development Company in Munich, Germany

    mobile applications Our services also include the development and programming of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

  • IT Xperts

    IT Xperts

    App Development Company in Munich, Germany

    With our extensive experience of working on projects, we are the only contact you'll need for planning and design of your Mobile app from beginning to end. We will support you all the way from planning to the r...

  • Jaysquared


    App Development Company in Frankfurt, Germany

    Welcome to Jaysquared Mobile Apps We build mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and mobile web apps. Check out our apps in the apps gallery above. Contract Development We can provide you with your custom app for...

  • M Way Solutions

    M Way Solutions

    App Development Company in Stuttgart, Germany

    The smartphone market and the use of apps are growth markets. Rising app sales and increased use of Mobile Internet, creates opportunities for the use of apps for companies and consumers. M-Way Solutions is ...

  • Mobivention


    App Development Company in Cologne, Germany

    mobivention holds an experienced team of project managers, designers, developers and testers. The app development is located completely in Cologne, Germany.

  • ToasterNET


    App Development Company in Bubenreuth, Germany

    ToasterNET develops highly functional and innovative applications designed to represent your company at all desired mobile platforms. In order to respond to the various needs of our customers, we have develope...

  • Neobird GmbH & Co. KG

    Neobird GmbH & Co. KG

    App Development Company in Nuremberg, Germany

    The team from NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG excels in tailor-made application software. The team at NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG has long-standing experience in interaction design and gamification. Your application softwa...

  • Galaxonic


    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are passionate to built successful mobile apps and web technology to continuously grow the business, client base and profits of our customers, which range from multinational technology companies like Samsung...

  • Quimron


    App Development Company in Stuttgart, Germany

    We like mobile games and eBooks! The natural technique We will help you to get your own app for iPad, iPhone or Android better and faster than ever before. You need absolutely no knowledge of programming ...



    App Development Company in Siegburg, Germany

    INFOTEQ global solutions GmbH, (INFOTEQ) serves its clients in faster realization of software products and solutions. It is led by crosscultural young team that is trained to offer ease of interaction and flexi...

  • Uriarte Design

    Uriarte Design

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    Nowadays I´m working as a graphic and web designer in both Bilbao and Dublin. I take care of several areas of the graph and designing tasks. I have experience in Prints and Advertaisment companies. When I st...

  • Mobile2b


    App Development Company in Cologne, Germany

    No matter how good the plan is convincing, if not, the reaction was considered. We believe that successful solutions for our customers always arise from a combination of counseling and development. Therefore, w...

  • 21TORR


    App Development Company in Reutlingen, Germany

    Native apps in iOS and Android, web apps, mobile websites. The Web accompanies us everywhere and has changed digital communications. We are developing strategies and solutions. With added value.

  • app3null GmbH

    app3null GmbH

    App Development Company in Berlin, Germany

    We are Berlin based company. We are developing android, iOS and web apps.

  • Qrand Apps

    Qrand Apps

    App Development Company in Heilbronn, Germany

    We develop Business Hybrid Apps at great prices. High Quality Apps - made in Germany. Looking for marketing partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Cebu and the rest of Philippines / Asia.

  • greenrobot


    App Development Company in Munich, Germany

    In greenrobot is all about Android and app development. Even before launch, we began in 2007 to develop for Android. With this experience, we know that more than any other platform. Small and large customers su...


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