Android projects United States

Android projects United States


Here you can find the Appfutura Android development projects list in United States. Post your Android development project and we will find the best Android developers to hire. If you are a Android developer located in United States, create a professional app developer profile to make development proposals

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  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Arizona, Maricopa

    Android · Open for proposals · Posted 10d ago · Through 19d remain · 14 proposals

    Would like build a share ride website to connect drivers with open seats in their auto to give a share ride from one city to another in the US. e.g. BlaBla

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, California, Sacramento

    Android · Negotiating

    It is to provide an app in both Android and iOS where it projects the income tax for the year 2018 just based on the payslip. The idea, design, and algorithm are ready.

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Louisiana, Vermilion

    Android · Negotiating

    Looking to make a private app for android that is in the background while i have another app running(game), looks for specific values and clicks a few buttons automatically when the value is reached. Also have a control panel on the app to input specific values and able to be stopped when i exit the target app or terminated from the notification bar.

  • Budget: $10,000 – $15,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Columbia, District of Columbia

    Android · Negotiating

    The features of the app can be compared to other crowdfunding apps on the market. Key elements include multi-factor user authentication and the ability to submit forms, fund escrow accounts, and registration.

  • Budget: $10,000 – $15,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Arizona, Maricopa

    Android · Negotiating

    I currently have an excel file that uses certain data points from our field engineers and some logic ties to track and then predict the performance indicators. My senior leadership has asked me to get quotes on making this into an iOS and android app that the field engineers can input the data into, which will then get sent back to a database for use in the tracking and predicting. I'm thinking it will actually be rather simple, but I'm not good at coding so I need to outsour...

  • Budget: $10,000 – $15,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Florida, Orange

    Android · Negotiating

    ob Overview What we do: Offer a digital menu that automates the table-ordering services for customers at the table in a fast-casual restaurant. Project Overview: We do not have any initial program built on our android tablets (which is the digital menu), and that is what I need help with. There are two perspectives for how this device needs to interact- with restaurant owners and customers. Restaurants: ● Backend app for restaurant owners to log-in and manage what is being shown ...

  • Budget: $5,000 – $10,000 (USD) · Location: United States, California, Los Angeles

    Android · Negotiating

    Goal: Create an app which will be used for crowd sourcing internet speed data The app should: • Accurately capture upload and download speed. Please advise in proposal how this will be done • Capture GPS, phone model, ip address and write to the server. I have the code to collect the information. • I would like for users to be able to sign up using either email or phone number… and then confirm account set up via email or text. This isn’t a requirement for use, but would allo...

  • Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Florida, Dixie

    Android · Negotiating

    food delivery app with multiple vendors, similar to swiggy in india

  • Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: United States, Texas, Terry

    Android · Negotiating

    I am looking for delivery app developers. I need to be sure he has already skills in Food delivery app. need both of android and ios

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, West Virginia, Grant

    Android · Negotiating

    We need a simple app for linking people with mobile devices to our mobile web page. It is just for ease of connectivity. The webpage is complete. We need a way for people to have easy access either to their online subscriptions or just to browse the content of the paper online.

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Texas, Tarrant

    Android · Negotiating

    have a concept for social media app. i know the features i want in the app. need help with designing the app. have low budget.

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, New York, Ulster

    Android · Negotiating

    We want to create some app for moms

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, Delaware, Sussex

    Android · Negotiating

    want a MLM soft as follows--- 1. Matrix plan with repurchase. Starting joining profit amount will be distributed by matrix plan. Wide 5 or 6 depth upto 10, 11 levels. Reprchase profit will be distributed as % profit to every level. 2. Matrix plan may be connected to another matrix plan at any step. Suppose got profit 20,000 at 5 level then we can start new matrix with 10,000_00 profit. First and second matrix both go paraallel. 3. Franchisee mode with site replication for franchisees. 4. wit...

  • Budget: less than $1,000 (USD) · Location: United States, California, Calaveras

    Android · Negotiating

    I need to develop a chatting app in which i need real time chatting ,connect with friends via one tap, sharing also required.

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