About AppFutura

About AppFutura

What is AppFutura

AppFutura is a platform connecting buyers and service providers in the fields of app development, custom software development and digital marketing. Our directories, created with a unique methodology, allow buyers to browse through thousands of companies listed and categorize them as per the needs of their projects.

AppFutura in numbers

8,000+ companies listed.
1,000+ reviews published.
40K+ customers looking for companies every month.
5,000+ projects through our matching system.

AppFutura: a little history

AppFutura started as a project at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. At a time where there were many general marketplaces catering to all sorts of needs from development to translation services, the founders thought there was a space for a marketplace focused in mobile app development only. The website was created and started its activity in 2012 and the company was officially established in January 2014.

Thus, AppFutura started as a place where people or business posted app development projects and where app development companies made proposals and won projects. After its initial years, AppFutura evolved and shifted to become a leading app development companies directory fastly growing and becoming well-known among industry leaders.

As of 2019, as we noticed a lot of the companies in our listings catered to other services as well, new categories were added to our directories, shifting the focus of the platform to a much wider array of company categories, covering all sorts of IT and Digital Marketing companies. As a result, AppFutura has now become a referent for anyone looking for service providers in many related categories.

As far as the marketplace that started everything, it did not disappear, and people can still post their needs and get help in their selection process. However, AppFutura is first and foremost a unique directory for IT and Marketing Companies to thrive, improve their online reputation and meet new clients.

Who are we

At AppFutura we believe in working in a relaxed and comfortable environment and keep ourselves busy. We are just a bunch of multi-disciplinary professionals trying to cater to the needs of our users the best that we can.

Bernat Guitart

Co-Founder & CEO

With a degree in Computer Engineering, Bernat held managing positions in various big corporations and also taught for Master programs on innovation and SEO in the Barcelona area. He then created AppFutura with Àlex (our CTO) and other colleagues. Bernat operates as CEO, not only taking care of company operations, but also managing our SEO strategy and taking care of our directories for SEO Companies and Digital Marketing Agencies.

Àlex Aubets

Co-Founder & CTO

Àlex is a Computer Engineer and, simply put, he loves to code. His work post-college has always involved being the person behind the website code. He is also a skilled Android developer and created a successful game on his own that’s still working years later. He met Bernat in 2010 when they started working together and eventually founded AppFutura along with other partners.

Where can you find us?

We are located in Spain, in the Barcelona metropolitan area - a short 20-minute train ride from the city.

c/ Sant Francesc 4
08290 - Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona, Spain
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Our office

AppFutura presence at the MWC

We don’t really attend a lot of industry events, as we are usually quite busy in our office as it is. However, if you attend the MWC in Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) it is likely you find us there exhibiting. Why would we miss one of the biggest IT events when we have it right at home?

We have been steadily attending the event and reporting about it in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Do you want to work with us?

If you'd like to work at AppFutura and you would like us to consider you, feel free to drop an email with your CV at hello@appfutura.com. With this, we can consider you if we open a position for yor profile.