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    Website Development
    Reviewed 3d ago by Manu Raj Patel

    The team at Algoworks is professional, consistently meeting timelines. Along with understanding concepts and requirements, they keep to the budget. Their communication was also excellent. I was always aware of what was h...

    Website Development
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    App and web development for casino
    Reviewed 4d ago by Kingexch Sports

    Their job management system was quite flexible and my team got to blend with them very well they figured out the solution for each problem related to this project.

    App and web development for casino
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    MAKRO Poland mobile APP
    Reviewed 4d ago by Anna Heimberger

    We are very satisfied with the itCraft cooperation. We've built a professional B2B mobile application together. implementation of innovative functions confirms the knowledge and technological efficiency of the company. C...

    MAKRO Poland mobile APP
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    App development
    Reviewed 4d ago by Joshy RS

    Very satisfied work with them, Highly recommended. Fast Delivery. The quality of the work was beyond my expectations and the work was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

    App development
  • Verified review
    Reviewed 4d ago by Jason Pinto

    It has been smoother than expected. Having experience dealing with app development personnel and companies, I was honestly relieved when I started working with Applify. They have been professional, detail-oriented and a ...

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    PortaPrep Examination Platform
    Reviewed 5d ago by Michael Awuah

    The experience has been worthwhile. From the response to our request, through the development, until transitioning the product into its present state, the Promatics team has been very professional and demonstrated fideli...

    PortaPrep Examination Platform
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  • Choosing the best way: IT outsourcing or in-house team?
    App DevelopmentChoosing the best way: IT outsourcing or in-house team?
    by Andrew Volchek on Feb 17, 2020

    Before building a digital solution, you need to choose between two options: hiring in-house specialists or a software development outsourcing company. As both ways present various pros and cons related to technical expertise, costs, communications, data security, and level of control, it may be...

  • Top App Developers Interview: EPixelSoft
    App DevelopmentTop App Developers Interview: EPixelSoft
    by AppFutura on Feb 12, 2020

    Anil Kothiyal plays a major role in bringing EPixelSoft up day by day. He is a Techpreneur, Founder, and CEO of EPixelSoft. While leading an association with workplaces in India and the USA, Anil has confidence in sharing his experiential information and IT advertising intuition increased over ...

  • React Native or Swift: How Capable Are These Frameworks For Your Next Project?
    Cross Platform Developers ResourcesReact Native or Swift: How Capable Are These Frameworks For Your Next Project?
    by Manish Jain on Feb 07, 2020

    With this article, we hope to clarify some critical points of difference between Swift and React Native based on key factors like performance, coding speed, size of the application, debug and testing experience, integration with CI/CD tools and many more.

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  • Becoming a Good Web Developer
    by Augnitive on Web Developers on Feb 02, 2020

    Becoming a Good Web Developer  .  Thanks. ...

  • Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers
    by Augnitive on Web Developers on Jan 28, 2020

    Top 5 Basic Skill for a web developers   As a web developer, you have have some basic skill in this era- 2020. Today I am discussing those skills- 1. Learning & Updating yourself: You have to learn more and more about this industry and keep yourself updated.  2. Time Management: European say...

  • What do Smart Trading tools offer for Crypto Traders?
    by Ionixx Technologies on Blockchain Developers on Jan 21, 2020

    As of now, crypto trading is very complex and not a easiest one.  So, What do Smart trading tools offer for crypto traders? [ul] [li]Automatic Trading Environment[/li] [li]Multiple Trades with minimum Effort[/li] [li]Emotion free Trading[/li] [/ul] To know more about smart trading tools, ...

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