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    Recruiting App
    Reviewed 3d ago by Martin Fenner

    They started working on the MVP by creating a solid architecture back-end that we could build on. Next, they moved on to more dynamic tasks that involved a combination of front-and back-end development and other dev-ops ...

    Recruiting App
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    Web Design & Development Agency
    Reviewed 3d ago by PRABHAKAR SHARMA

    Our company website [](link is external) was developed and launched before the deadline As you know that project completion is a major achievement for directors and Managers. But we got the project ...

    Web Design & Development Agency
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    App development
    Reviewed 5d ago by

    They did a good job, and I recommend their services

    App development
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    PHP development services at a fraction of the cost!
    Reviewed 5d ago by Jiang Shao

    We commented on what they did two days after they had completed the job. In fact, we didn't have much of a complaint. Despite, they showed great enthusiasm as we were asked if there's anything else they could do. After w...

    PHP development services at a fraction of the cost!
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    Digital Marketing
    Reviewed 5d ago by Jalaj Mathur

    Process was smooth. No hiccups. The Relationship Manager was courteous

    Digital Marketing
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    Django project
    Reviewed 6d ago by Jeff Grietens

    Softuvo not only says it but they actually assure you with the quality results. Hope to do more work in the future.

    Django project
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  • Loot King

    Mobile Game · Posted 1d ago

    Hi I'm after a quote to build a app based off google maps api that has AR similar to pokemon go. the app will we played worldwide and ads tailored to the town/city you live in. e.g Gucci ads wont be shown in a poorer part of the city but will show in places like London or Hollywood.

  • Hey, We are Canadian NFP organization with a key focus in relief of poverty and health education. We currently provide our services in the remote areas of Pakistan. The key features we are looking for in an App are: 1) search utility for potential sponsors to find a child from our database; 2) a...


    Android · Posted 2d ago

    We are entering into logistics business and needed a good app with perfect backup of technicalities.

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  • Finance Apps: engage users through customization & personalization
    Enterprise App Developers ResourcesFinance Apps: engage users through customization & personalization
    by Nikita Zherebtsov on Sep 29, 2020

    Both customization and personalization aim to provide users with a personalized product interaction experience. These two techniques focus on adapting the app to users’ unique preferences or characteristics so that every individual user is exposed to different content in functionally identica...

  • HubSpot COS Vs WordPress CMS Vs Drupal Vs Headless CMS: Pick the one that Suits Your Needs
    Web Developers ResourcesHubSpot COS Vs WordPress CMS Vs Drupal Vs Headless CMS: Pick the one that Suits Your Needs
    by Aayush Gupta on Sep 25, 2020

    A Content Management System (CMS) helps simplify the publication of content on your website. It is the vehicle that drives your content marketing campaign to success. Thus, one has to be smart about choosing the right platform.

  • 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Marketing Success
    Mobile App Marketing10 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Marketing Success
    by Kiran Beladiya on Sep 23, 2020

    This digital era has brought several changes to the way of marketing used to be done before. Many organizations and businesses are looking for their optimized online presence across the world that can help them connect with the right kinds of audiences, offer them seamless services and generate...

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  • How To Make Your Mobile Apps Secured
    by Red Apple Technologies on App Development on Sep 21, 2020

    The usage of mobile apps is increasing every year. In the USA alone, 86% of the population uses the internet. Our online activities make us more prone to malicious attacks. Now is the time to rethink about mobile app security..(Continue reading)...

  • How nodejs works?
    by seoagensy on Web Developers on Aug 12, 2020

    I don't understand several things about nodejs. Every information source says that node.js is more scalable than standard threaded web servers due to the lack of threads locking and context switching, but I wonder, if node.js doesn't use threads how does it handle concurrent requests in parallel? Wh...

  • Can drupal run on windows?
    by seoagensy on Web Developers on Aug 11, 2020

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