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    App Development & Process Automation
    Reviewed 14h ago by Ivana Djekic

    Reliable IT Solutions! We've been working with DesignersX for both project and support with regards to ongoing processes, and they've been fantastic. They guided us through a major system upgrade seamlessly, minimizing d...

    App Development & Process Automation
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    Ayati Mind Digital Platform UI/UX Prototype Design
    Reviewed 1d ago by Daniel Acheampong

    My experience working with TH-EY on our digital prototype project was nothing short of exceptional. They delivered a high-quality product on time and within budget, consistently exceeding expectations throughout the enti...

    Ayati Mind Digital Platform UI/UX Prototype Design
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    Website development
    Reviewed 1d ago by Vishvesh Patel

    I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the web development project. The website content was exceptionally engaging and skillfully optimized for SEO, effectively capturing the essence of our brand. Additionally, the w...

    Website development
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    Building a Secure eSports Platform with Glorium Technologies
    Reviewed 1d ago by Gillian Holt

    Glorium Technologies used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and strong frameworks. Our collaboration with Glorium Technologies was a success. They managed the project well, met all the deadlines, and added convenient payment opti...

    Building a Secure eSports Platform with Glorium Technologies
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    Photo Frames
    Reviewed 1d ago by Diane T.

    The pricing was reasonable and upfront, with no hidden fees or surprises. The team took the time to explain price choices and work within my budget while maintaining the quality of the finished project.

    Photo Frames
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    Adnan App / Kids App
    Reviewed 6d ago by Abdullah Al-Yousef

    I manage a large portfolio of clients in the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, I am the founder and CEO of a technology company based in Saudi Arabia, which has been in collaboration with a “Unthinkable comp...

    Adnan App / Kids App
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  • Adult dating app

    App · Posted 25/09/2023

    Android and IOS App development need for an adult dating app full fills the gaps of human relations. People can explore different experience with others.

  • TikTok Clone or Bigo Clone

    App · Posted 19/09/2023

    Hi I need to get developed a short video app, we can call the TikTok clone, with amazing cool features. Where you can develop customizable social video sharing applications with AR filter video creation, Livestream, Chat, Gift system, Wallet, and much more. Build your unique Tik Tok / Musical...


    Blockchain · Posted 12/09/2023

    Just for profit

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  • Mastering CrossPlatform App Development with Kotlin Multiplatform
    App DevelopmentMastering CrossPlatform App Development with Kotlin Multiplatform
    by Neeraj Kumar on Oct 10, 2023

    In the ever-evolving world of mobile app development, catering to both Android and iOS users is paramount. However, achieving this feat often presents a significant challenge, especially for developers rooted in one platform, such as Android. In this comprehensive guide, brought to you by a lea...

  • Flow Blockchain for NFT Development
    App DevelopmentFlow Blockchain for NFT Development
    by Amit Grover on Oct 04, 2023

    Blockchain development is transforming the world with its succeeding innovations and service trends. It offers innovative financial services, which led to an acceptance of blockchain across various sectors. Also, blockchain investment opportunities and unique financial services bring techies to...

  • Top App Developers Interview: Binmile
    App DevelopmentTop App Developers Interview: Binmile
    by AppFutura on Sep 27, 2023

    Avanish Kamboj, the Founder and CEO of Binmile, brings a wealth of tech and leadership experience to the table. His journey began as a Developer and eventually led him to the role of Engineering Manager at BrickRed Technologies, where he worked with global clients and garnered recognition for h...

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