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    App Development
    Reviewed 11h ago by Bharat Agarwal

    I realize and earnestly appreciate the amount of dedicated effort OnGraph must have put in order to pull this off. The output testifies the level of attention that was put in for every method, object, and product feature...

    App Development
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    App for FinTech Company using Salesforce and CRM
    Reviewed 13h ago by Ivaylo Nikolov

    The team at JET BI was really efficient and responsive. They have even delivered everything on time, and with their flexibility allowing us to say when we needed the milestones delivered. The digital application currentl...

    App for FinTech Company using Salesforce and CRM
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    Salesforce Implementation Project for a Veteran Organization
    Reviewed 13h ago by Leo Extramil

    The software project on a Salesforce software developed by JET BI was really helpful for the team. It really helped the organization to achieve all the milestones that we were aiming to reach. The team was really committ...

    Salesforce Implementation Project for a Veteran Organization
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    Chat and Wallet App
    Reviewed 1d ago by Paul Lokende Likunde

    Scrambleapps have always been able to build and deliver all software developments within the stipulated time frames. This has always enabled us to deliver our products within schedule. The team not only delivered but als...

    Chat and Wallet App
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    NimbusMind Mobile app
    Reviewed 2d ago by Pavel Shcherbakov

    Our work began together with the idea of the NimbusMind application. One of the developers we previously worked with advised contacting InstaDev. InstaDev offered us a convenient application architecture based on Amazon ...

    NimbusMind Mobile app
  • Verified review
    Reviewed 5d ago by Josh Fortnum

    Danny and his team have an exceptional work ethic, they listen to the brief, have an open mind and deliver a clean and thoughtful product without coming back to you for every little detail. They fill in the blanks that w...

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  • The main objective of the required app, software or web page is to help me turning my Traditional restaurant with cashier and waiter to self-service restaurant. so the customer can See, order and pay his meal without intervention or need of any staff. My food ,beverage and sweet will be inside a r...

  • This app should allow the customer to register or login manually or through social media accounts.and then needs to create a profile which requires his full name,contact number,address. this app needs to allow a user to place an order,schedule the pickup and delivery,and user should be able to ...

  • Knee Exercises iOS App

    iOS · Posted 4d ago

    Project Overview: Develop an App for iPhone/iPad (iOS). The App is paired via Bluetooth to a knee brace. The hinge on the knee brace provides the continuous knee angle to the App. As the knee goes through its range-of-motion, that range of motion is visually represented in the App to the user. ...

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  • How to Develop a Successful Enterprise App?
    Enterprise App Developers ResourcesHow to Develop a Successful Enterprise App?
    by Tarun Nagar on Mar 22, 2019

    The IT evolution has brought the time, when three generations are using app all together. From those who have seen just smartphones being spawned by simple and safe old mobile devices, to the 6 year old kid who has directly jumped over to the latest Smartphone Technology. No part of industry ve...

  • Taxi App Solution to Survive Tough Competition
    Enterprise App Developers ResourcesTaxi App Solution to Survive Tough Competition
    by Anuradha Badone on Mar 22, 2019

    The famous ride-hailing apps - Uber, Lyft,Gett- have been growing from strength-to-strength with its international foray in different verticals. The ride-hailing and ride-sharing battle between the top contenders wouldn’t have seen any alternatives catching the attention if they weren’t dog...

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  • Re: Kotlin vs Flutter
    by Bridge Global on Android Developers on Mar 25, 2019

    In my point of view, if you're an organization that can afford two teams and two codebases for them, or you are developing a huge platform dependent app (like Apple TV, Apple Watch), or you need a lot of native low-level stuff like DRM to do a video streaming service, you should stick to Kotlin. ...

  • Revealed: The Cost to Make a Cannabis Delivery App like Eaze
    by Appinventiv - A Google Developer Agency on App Development on Mar 25, 2019

    The legal cannabis market is going to hit USD 39.4 Billion by the year 2023. In such a scenario, if you are planning to develop a cannabis delivery application like Eaze, but confused how much budget you need, check out this blog:- How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze...

  • Apple's New iPhone Will Charge Other Devices
    by Appinventiv - A Google Developer Agency on iOS Developers on Mar 25, 2019

    Another innovation is about to enter the mobile market. Apple's upcoming iPhone is supposed to charge other devices wirelessly. How far, is this revelation, useful for iOS app developers?

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