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  • AssistedPlatinum project

    Budget: more than €25,000 (EUR) · Location: Malta

    Android · Open for proposals · Posted 21d ago · 8d remain · 17 proposals

    We are looking for a reputable company that has the capability of designing & building a motorcross/motorcycle game. Specifically we are looking at these games as a guide; Traffic Rider (Googl... View more

  • UrgentPlatinum project

    Budget: $5,000 – $10,000 (USD) · Location: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Region

    iOS · Open for proposals · Posted 5d ago · 24d remain · 26 proposals

    Zameely is a Middle Eastern Tutoring app. The app links tutors and student on all educational levels. The app will contain only two languages, Arabic and English, and would go live primarily in Saudi ... View more

  • Platinum project

    Budget: $5,000 – $10,000 (USD) · Location: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

    Android · Open for proposals · Posted 14h ago · 29d remain · 14 proposals

    Want to develop on demand service app similar to Urbanclap. I need the app to be in both android & IOS. Only bid having understanding of project will be considered. Queries & suggestions ar... View more

  • Gold project

    Budget: €2,500 - €5,000 (EUR) · Location: Austria, Vienna

    iPad · Open for proposals · Posted 9h ago · 29d remain · 8 proposals

    I want to have an app for live editing and live streaming like the mevo app, but for more than 1 camera. Open for every 4k camera and every streaming platform more infos on View more

  • Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD) · Location: Philippines, Cebu

    iPhone · Open for proposals · Posted 7h ago · 27d remain · 14 proposals

    I have started a website and realized it was to narrow of a market and now want to make an app like GETMYBOAT. There in usa I would concentrate on Southeast Asia . View more

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  • Blackberry

    So BlackBerry has definetely closed its own OS? Is it only working with Android now?

  • Mobile app market

    I must admit that at first I laughed, but then, I really think it's a wonderful idea. Sometimes we do not understand the needs of others, but there is a niche market everywhere. I hope Mahindra & Mahindra succeeds and gives a proper service to those who need it to work their lands.

  • Android

    You Need to find answers for following Questions How much would my app cost? How much time would it take to build my app? DIY will help you create an mobile app quickly Who would create my app? - DIY or Developer What all should my app have? - App Design Layout, well-defined product categories and product description pages, shopping cart, and convenient checkout modes etc.

  • General

    hello i'm new user.i also have LG mobile phone.i like LG G5 in the MWC 2016 features. regards jessica patel

AppFutura app developers testimonials

  • Andrew Garkavyi – Stanfy
  • Vipin Jain – Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Stephen Ceresia – Freelance
  • Jordi Manuel – LaTroupe Studios
  • Svetlana Platonova – DevExperts
  • Frida Nyvall – Red Onion
  • Sudeep Bhatnagar – Agicent Technologies
  • Anant Singh – Geeky Works

Andrew Garkavyi – Stanfy - United States

AppFutura are renowned mobile development experts encompassing a broad community of over 10,000 developers. It provides a solid platform for many collaborations and partnerships among different app developers and allows for featuring new handy applications for users.

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Vipin Jain – Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. - India

Awesome platform for mobile app developers and seekers as it simplifies the process of finding the right person yet maintaining the option of giving a choice to any prospect buyer. Their refining process and personal attention to developers is what makes it stand out in comparison to other platforms.

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Stephen Ceresia – Freelance - Canada/Vietnam

AppFutura gives me access to an international client base that I would otherwise never have the pleasure of connecting with. Besides this, it provides an excellent communication platform, a place to showcase my app development portfolio, and eliminates a lot of the uncertainty in the Project Owner/Developer partnership.

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Jordi Manuel – LaTroupe Studios - Spain

In a globalized sector, having a point of reference to find developers or customers is key, and I think AppFutura fulfills that role. Each month we receive numerous newsletters with app development projects by just having our profile on Appfutura. It is highly recommended.

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Svetlana Platonova – DevExperts - Germany

It’s the first of a kind targeted platform that aims specifically to the mobile app development market. Most other platforms try to cover a broader sector of the IT, trying to reach each and every target group they can. But sometimes focusing on something brings more effect.

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Frida Nyvall – Red Onion - Sweden

AppFutura makes it possible for anyone to find the right developer to make their app vision come to life. As a developer, AppFutura presents me with a smorgasbord of possible projects from all over the world. AppFutura makes it easy to search for and find the possible projects that might be interesting for me and my company.

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Sudeep Bhatnagar – Agicent Technologies - India

Its prime focus is mobile apps and therefore all site and tools are designed pretty customized for mobile app development companies only (and no other stuff), and we love this fact.
Less junk projects: I think most pro-only projects and above are well assisted and scrutinized.

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Anant Singh – Geeky Works - India

I have extensively worked as a Business Development Manager on platforms like Elance and Guru but it seems like things have gone out of hand over there. One business query is sometimes attracting more than 80 business proposals and in situations like these, it gets really hard to differentiate your work and stand out.

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